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Thursday, May 15, 2014

NRA News Clones Fox News "Convenient Couch" Legs On Air Model


What does the NRA do when it is time to reach beyond the white male (and his cow girl partners) for more support in communities? The NRA seeks, locates and hires a very young African-American millennial and funds an Internet TV show called NOIR. NOIR with host Colion Noir.

Of course, we need young African-Americans preaching gun sermons to other young African-Americans and young 'hip-hip; loving non-minorities. Yes, that is exactly what we need in America.

After one year and virtual obscurity, at least from me, the NRA must have ordered a new menu and changed its clip (Sorry, excuse the intentional pun could not resist). Let's look at the old NOIR for a couple of minutes, compare against the New NOIR.

Now a look at the newer and abundantly loaded clip improved version Spring 2014.   MSNBC's Ronan MSNBC's ALL-in With Chris Hayes

Now, Let's see. After watching the video from both MSNBC hosts, I will admit no recollection of one word spoken in either clip, but I do recall the leggy woman with no skirt the uber mini-skirt.

As I watched the segment, my thoughts were of a revealing pair of shorts. Then I realized the woman was in the "pin-knees to together" position...and the epiphany hit full force.
As you know, I have been critical of the Fox New "Convenient Couch" Model since commencing this web page. Well, success works if one wants to mix heavy doses of libido charges with viewer quasi-attention to news or current events stories.

NRA News's adoption the Fox New model may have direct relation to audience demographic or better yet audience target viewers.
Fox News for years has gone here.
News Corpse

The Fox News classic. The very intentional skirt raise with obvious direction from off camera.

Maybe NRA News decided to go International and copy this young British "Daybreak" host (2012 image).  Now, who really needs morning cups of Java if they have this television network post morning shower?

While we realize standards in news rooms have slipped to the point of NIL.  The quality of news at a high and informative level for certain networks appears to have taken a back seat to pure prurience. Why bother with credible news when it is possible to entertain the early morning male and the evening 30 to age 54 male sycophants with non news related "fluff?" 

How about another thought, Since the evidence above is clear and irrefutable regarding production models and motive? Do you recall seeing any such exhibitions in news rooms prior to 1996? Now, look to see when Fox News commenced broadcast: October 7th, 1996. Two key points. As a American multiple gun-owner, I understand some level of concern about gun ownership, licensing and background checks. All matters related to weapons should be highly regulated! While not an actual gun ownership issue, I read wand watched reports the Aurora Colorado movie theater killer, purchased his a body armament from a small mail order shop in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. UUUM, intriguing and more so when we factor the killer purchased his entire outfit via the internet sight unseen. OK, so we digressed form Gun ownership. But, can you make the connection with the killer purchasing his outfit to perpetrate his killing without a firearm (or two). End digression and back to the NRA News libido items improved broadcast model. Well, on second thought let's just close with a couple of cropped images and a parting thought (See text second image).

What will the Right do to secure you attention  and empathy? Let's hope Comcast and MSNBC avoids such lewd exhibitions with news broadcast.

I generally save such viewing for my very very infrequent peeps at pornography. So, the ever-present haters can dispense and save accusations of "prudism" for The Pardu.

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