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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

O'Reilly Pactices "White Privilege." Hopefully It Was Inadvertent

Have you ever seen clear evidence of, or a sterling (no pun intended) example of ,"White Privilege?" Bill O'Reilly and FOX New again delivers with a triple layer of WHITE icing on top.

As you listen to O'Reilly play to his vast and undoubtedly predominate white audience, think about the quietness and subservience of centuries of human bondage. Think about the quiet danger of Jim Crow.  Think about conservative America, Fox News and people like O'Reilly, Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy, Megyn Kelly and the unheard million upon millions who share their beliefs systems. The unheard millions who harbor and nurture their individual racism in the comfort of uncompensated privacy.  And, yes the unintended pun above, fits Bill O'Reilly like a cheap wet white glove.

So, as long as minorities and people who abhor bigotry, racism, misogyny and homophobia remain quiet white people (averse to the minority quest for equality and fairness) will be happy. Now, tell me you have never seen nor heard "White Privilege." I offer the perfect example via bill O'Reilly.

I posit the problem is not with Americans who speak out against "White Privilege". The problem is so obviously the millions upon millions who listen to people like O'Reilly and conservative media like Fox News and who share a belief system that "Man is NOT Created Equal" and white live with a false sense of birthright conferred privilege to dominate others.

"Hopefully It Was Inadvertent!"  We know better, now don't we?

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