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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Hit: NSA Responds to Snowden's Lie To Brian Williams


Did he say email to report his concerns?

When will we get off our naivety carriage and recognize Edward Snowden has issues. He is a narcissistic ego-maniacal high school dropout who has existentially handed US adversaries opportunity to "OUT INTEL" the US.

With every episode of the AMC Channel's "TURN" series, I am reminded of the impact INTEL played in the Revolutionary War. I recently, wrote about bad INTEL to George Armstrong Custer from his Native American scouts. Prior to the morning of June 26, 1876 received INTEL Sitting Bull, Gall And Crazy Horse had 800 warriors. Sitting Bull's combined Lakota (North Cheyenne) nation included 1800 warriors and many were young Bonsai-like fighters. The significance of INTEL advantage in WWII without question contributed to defeats of the Axis Powers. 

A quick and more innocuous case about surveillance. Do you think you can pick your nose on an elevator and do so in complete privacy? Ask Jay-Z and Beyonce about that prospect. We drive around each day with multiple cameras archiving our sojourns. The very car your drive archives your driving experience. Google and millions sourcing cookies review and record our minute to minute use of the Internet. Hell, that ugly Google car circled my cul de sac two years ago, now my house is archived across the Internet and via satellites thousands of miles above our heads.  

Technology has pushed our world well beyond that of libertarian Edward Snowden who naively feels NSA surveillance is comprehensively horrific. Why not selective reporting of abuse in a manner that might have avoided subsequent Al Qaeda's revamp of its Code encryption? Can you imagine what measures Russia has taken against US INTEL resultant for the Ron Paul protege?

During the "snowball" Brian Williams interview, Snowden responded to a question about following channels. He responded in the affirmative with a claim he did send email to the NSA.  Of course, he did.......

Recently, Talking Points Memo published a piece with NSA released copies of the email from America's nascent traitor.  Of course, the email thread includes minor redaction.

Linked here.

Of course, you think...well Obama and the NSA are retrenching regarding meta-data monitoring. My retort...? I seriously think that is good, but at what cost. The Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Al Qaeda and other known adversaries are not re-trenching.

One last point, how do you feel about your admiration for Snowden and the prospect of his joining Greenwald in earning millions from book deals? 

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