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Monday, May 19, 2014

Rafael Cruz: The Tree That Gave The Nation Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

"The Bible tells you exactly who to vote for."

Here is the problem we place upon ourselves when we fail to vote in mid-term elections.


Far too few progressives and independents stay away from the voting places in 2010 and we left that November night with the likes of:

Allen West (FL)
Rand Paul (KY)
Joe Walsh (IL)
Marco Rubio (FL)
Michael Grimm (NY) 
And, of course the $24 Billion US government shutdown artist: Ted Cruz (TX).

While we are living with or lived with that representative group, the problem is much more dire.  And the problem far exceeds elected officials sitting in House  or Senate seats. When we fail to take-care of business in elections, we get the backwash that flows along like a riptide.

Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz, is the epitome of the horrors associated with our lack of attention to mid-term politics. The senior Cruz is an opportunist demagogue who spends the majority of his day seething about Barack Obama in the Oval Office and when not on Obama, he seethes about all things progressive.

The Raw Story

Ted Cruz continues to be outcrazied by his dad: ‘The Bible tells you exactly who to vote for’ (via Raw Story )
The father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told a crowd in Massachusetts last Friday that the Bible outlined which candidates they should vote for. “And let me tell you, the Bible talks a lot about politics,” Rafael Cruz said at an event in Foxborough. “…

"The Bible tells you exactly who to vote for."
You may want to ask yourself. Can you imagine the Bible "telling" you to vote for McCain/Palin, Romney/Ryan, or on lesser scale people like Joe Walsh, Herman Cain, Allen West?

The ultimate question.  Did the Bible tell you to vote for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney twice?

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