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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Recorded Future Reports Al Qaeda Revamped Encryption Post Snowden


The Daily Banter follows the Wall Street Journal in reporting the Recorded Future's revelations Al Qaeda operatives switched communications encryption within months of Snowden's INTEL "dump" to the world.

For all who were deeply upset about meta-data monitoring via the NSA, my consistent concern has come true to form. The WSJ is reporting Al Qaeda has revamped its encryption systems. Thus, US INTEL has to scramble to avoid stepping on our toes privacy while simultaneously researching how to turn their "ears' back on.

The current television series "TURN", AMC Network, broadcast an often used theme, "General George Washington defeated the British via use of a few colonial spies."  INTEL is existential and has to be handled form a position of "Win-Win."
The US defeated the Japanese fleet in WW II via its breaking of the The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Code.  
The British broke the German Enigma Code encryption in WW II and subsequently defeated the German Submarine fleet.
As far back as the mid-1700's, INTEL provides victories against enemies. Despite our ideology and false perceptions of total privacy, we have enemies who thrive on our naivety. 

The following for some may read a bit callous, but previous knowledge of NSA monitoring partnership with AT & T as far back as 2006 (USA Today) shapes my thoughts on libertarian Edward Snowden's espionage.

Gen. Michael Hayden, nominated by President Bush to become the director of the CIA, headed the NSA from March 1999 to April 2005. In that post, Hayden would have overseen the agency's domestic phone record collection program.
By Roger Wollenberg, Getty ImagesGen. Michael Hayden, nominated by 

President Bush to 

become the director of the CIA, headed the NSA 
from March 1999 to April 2005. In that post, Hayden
 would have overseen the agency's domestic
 phone record collection program.

May 12, 2006 Fox News..... 

November 2013The Verge....
August 2013Time “The fact that the NSA is sitting on our domestic fiber network, vacuuming up masses of Internet communications from key telecommunications switches, has repeatedly been front page news since it was first reported nearly eight years ago,” Kevin Bankston, Free Expression Director at the Center for Democracy and Technology, said in a statement. “Yet because the Bush and Obama Administrations have insisted that the basic fact of the wiretapping network’s existence is a secret, we have not been able to have a serious public discussion about whether it’s legal or appropriate for our military to have easy access to most of America’s Internet traffic.”
We live in different and dangerous times. Let's just hope the murderous terrorist in Nigeria are not privy to Al Qaeda encryption. We now have troops on the ground working towards humanitarian rescue of 300 school girls and stopping large scale random murders of civilians. While US meta-data gathering could in noway impact the search for the kidnapped school girls, massive revamped code encryption shifts the INTEL advantage to those who would fly planes into our buildings. Advantage to those who would force people to decide to jump for 90 stories above ground of die engulfed if flames. Shifting encryption could lead to successful attacks on US facilities like the USS Cole and various embassies through the Reagan, Clinton, Bush and the 2012 attack on the US Consulate in Libya. Furthermore, I will not accept Snowden's "buddie" Putin will not gain militarily via US scrambling to insulate and shroud our INTEL capabilities.

Edward Snowden and Greenwald are total espionage pukes! There was another way to deal with NSA overwatch.

The NSA can monitor my meta-data and phone calls if they wish. The agency will meta-data much lady talk via the wife, and might (joke here) grow weary of my very infrequent peeps at a lil porn via the PC.

The Daily Banter.....

Whoops! Report Confirms Al-Qaeda Switched to New Encryption Software Post-Snowden

The Wall Street Journal reports today that a “web intelligence” company called Recorded Future has determined that in the months following the initial NSA revelations by former contractor Edward Snowden, al-Qaeda operatives switched to new encryption software for the first time in seven years.
Since 2007, the main encryption software for al Qaeda was called Asrar al-Mujahideen which means Mujahideen Secrets. Four to six months after the Snowden leaks, three Middle Eastern groups released three significant new tool sets for encryption, against a baseline of basically no new products for seven years, said Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of Recorded Future, which uses large quantities of publicly available online data to predict the timing and targets of future cyberattacks.

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