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Friday, May 9, 2014

Rick Perry: 90 Million ‘Out of Work’? "OOOPS"; And He Would Be Presdient
GOP candidates are filling the airways and any form of electronic media posturing for a run at the GOP nomination in 2014.  While only the inimitable Rand Paul has a mark on the flock via his highly esteemed CPAC straw poll win, the field is wide open and a cautious a walk as if walk through a cow pasture.

As I think back to the 2011 run for the GOP nomination few visuals stand as tall as this ...

If you are a glutton for the bizarre, you may have interest in viewing the full 2:12 minutes of Perry's debate response.

I have come to the reluctant conclusion, Rick Perry is not a very smart person.  

During a Sunday appearance with David Gregory, Perry spoke , he thought, very presidential about the state of US unemployment. he spoke about a topic that most republicans should avoid. The GOP House and GOP in the US Senate have voted lock step against measures to renew unemployment benefits. John Boehner will not even schedule votes on jobs bills (sponsored by Democrats in the House). 

Perry again lays himself out for revealing scrutiny and comedic ridicule.

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show..... (3:31 minute mark)

 (3:31 minute mark)

Comedy aside and Perry's intellect suspect, let's see how others view his gross misstatement.

Fact Check Dot Org

Perry Misleads on Jobs


Texas Gov. Rick Perry used grossly misleading statistics to criticize the unemployment picture under President Obama. Perry said there are “90 million people that are out of work” and “more women out of the workforce now than at any time in our history.”

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