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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rience Priebus: RNC Chair and Chief Jokster

Fox News contributor Juan Williams has taken the GOP to task for RNC Chair choice of RLC keynote speaker. (Video below)

We're the party of freedom and we're the party of opportunity and we're the party of equality, we're the ones with that history,” 
Priebus opened his circus show.

The GOP continues to reach back to Abe Lincoln and Jim Crow southern Democrat governors for twisted GOP rationalization of their (current) social reality. I am amazed Priebus did go to that all too familiar: "Did you know martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican!" No, not for that crowd and not with very public cameras rolling. The risk of a few boos would validate the actual reality of the GOP.

Watch a few seconds as the RNC chair rattles through the comment posted above. He chose to titillate his audience via overlooking years of Strum Thurmond, Jessie Helms, the GOP Southern Strategy. anti LGBT policy, anti-Civil Rights policy, and an existential party of 92% whites. 

Alas he over looks this..... "BLAH People" (one of Priebus's guest speakers)

 RNC/GOP Ideas for moving the nation forward? 

Priebus and his appeal to a Paleozi Era audience.

When the RNC invites Phil Robertson to headline its Leadership conference, my need to posit farther is negated via available video. 

The GOP has gone stark raving mad! Rience Priebus also OK'd Clint Eastwood's empty chair fiasco!

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