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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Lock Step GOP, Pursues Flatulence While Fundraising!


Fifty six seconds .....

I often write about GOP "lock-step."  A common refrain related to solidarity across the GOP: "If Obama came-out in favor of a preserving life for eternity, members of the GOP would summarily commit Seppuku (AKA, "harry carrey").

Lock-step for any adult is an indication of forced or assumed behavior as it is beyond behavior learned in grade schools and in the military. Behavior in lower grade levels and the military served a purpose and for similar reasons. Post-Kindergarten children are expected to learn orderly behavior and often those lessons involve unison behavior. As a trainee in military basic training young recruits are forced into lock-step unison behavior for basically the same purpose: to acclimate to behavior focused on the good of the unit vs. the benefit to the individual. It is not a natural state as the human mind is constructed without common nukes and crannies that lead to natural "lock-step" behavior.

It is an interesting and hypocritical dichotomy to observe GOP members of Congress practice "lock-step" behavior. Isn't anti-collectivism a basic paradigm of libertarian rooted conservatism? Haven't we grown to know the GOP and conservative America as a movement and ideology with common aversion to all things even remotely resembling collective thought and associated behavior? Individualism is their alleged core belief and paradigm mantra; until it is time for lock-step behavior. Lock-step I posit is ordered by uber wealthy money-brokers.

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Rachel Maddow ran a segment that shows the ugly side of "lock-step." The segment amounted to an exhibition of how fully developed and supposed independent adults should never behave. If for no other reason the behavior is foreign to everyday personage, and certainly outside the scope of reality for elected officials. If you need a bit of salt with GOP lock-step, John Boehner goes "lock-step" in the following segment. The man is the US Speaker of the House of Representatives; third in ascendancy to the US Presidency!

If lock-step doesn't remind of a person exercising their constitutional right to exercise the fifth amendment to avoid self incrimination, you might just be a Republican. It certainly reminds of a child sticking to a lie after being caught misbehaving. After running through a series of conservative 'red meat', Boehner said this: "If they're not willing to tell the American people the truth, it must not be very pretty."

Boehner and his Tea Party members should know  they cannot corral flatulence!  Fast and Furious, IRS Scandal, ObamaCare nor Benghazi...there is nothing  there.  We are paring millions for GOP obstruction  and politicizing. 


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