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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

US Debt, US Deficit, Spending and False Mantra About Obama Spending

Think Obama's a huge spender?
Last week we published a recent set of quick read pieces from Connect The Dots USA. Connect was one of the most prolific sources of information related to the Affordable Care Act as Congress worked in deliberation of the law and Connect was the point of information for the TPI as the GOP Congress sought to repeal the law. 

Now, that the ACA is yielding forecast results on many fronts, Connect has turned-on another beacon of light: federal spending via deficit and debt.

Connect Linked

I really must join Connect in illustration of US Debt and Federal spending.

In case you missed the point:

Now, take Knowledge Effect look at the same period with particular attention to the Debt Limit per administration with a ruling congressional party following in tow. Looks like DEMs in the House have been generous and cooperative in facilitating GOP Administration spending. Alas, before the election of Barack H. Obama as 44th President of the United States.

The Republican Party has procured economic failures since Ronald Reagan and his fantasy of trickle-down (Supply side) Economics. The GOP to date retains trickle-down as a nucleus of their economic policy. The policy over-time has contributed to obscene income inequality.

U.S. public debt and the debt limit, while color coding each column to show the ruling party at the time.

Freakalytics provides a perspective

An exception for the economic mess Obama inherited, ".......Republicans have been less successful at managing US Debt increases when in control of the Presidency, versus democratic presidential administrations." Freakalytics

One more item with clear illustration of Big GOP government spending. And the party does so with consistent mantra and lies about fiscal conservatism.

Read much more from Freakalytics.

One last meme.....

Have you seen enough to accept, "your GOP is not the party of the fiscally conscience." Do you say you are not convinced?

Do you think the American voter will ever realize they are the subjects of the most heinous and effective political subterfuge in US History? The GOP is no more fiscally conscience than it for human rights. 

I so have grown weary of hearing and reading about the disasters of the current administration.  I also have major issues with millions who buy into GOP propaganda and mis- information that leads to their running off to cast votes for a party that so clearly does not fight for the interest of all. In fact, the GOP only fights for its own interest and that personal interest involves serving as stooges and facilitator for the nation's wealthy. 

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