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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anracho-Terrorists, Jared Miller, Bundy-dopes And Revolution

During the core of the Cliven Bundy Grazing Tax  (tea party) evasion a Nevada State Assembly woman, Michele Fiore, joined the Bundy militia crowd and "crowed" like a wounded crow about the cause. She also seemed to take exception to questioning from MSNBC's Chris Hayes during this 2:32 minute segment. The backdrop was perfect: a nice breeze to facilitate flowing/wind driven hair, juxtaposition-ed to show enough of the Bundy-dopes to draw aaaahs and ooohs on the Right, and equipped with an inclination to completely over-talk her host while providing nothing beyond what she now has tried to resurface. 

Towards the end of the ALL In segment posted just below this following snippet, you will hear reference to the Nevada Assemblywoman. Apparently, she is working to resurface her reputation, as did Fox News, after the weekend killings and suicide. 

Chris Hayes with a detailed look at Jared Miller and the composition of a sect handed to the nation with the election after Barack H. Obama.
Politics Nation's Al Sharpton on The Millers and associated hatred.  You cannot say we on the Left did not warn you.

Rachel Maddow's commentary is overwhelming in its detail, rationale and descriptive portrayals of the dangers inherent in people like the Millers and their congregations of hate.

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