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The Pardu
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bergdahl As A Symptom Of ODS

Even though the latest right-wing tragedy (Bundy-dope Las vegas cop killers) has taken down news of the recovery of Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal (guilty of a military violation of the UCMJ or not) The Daily Show has kept an eye on Fox News.

We offer two and one half segments that effectively poke fun at the hyper-Obama Derangement Syndrome at its most acute or chronic (based on the individual). even though you may not practice as a psychologist or psychiatrists, it will not take much observation to determine those among the segment exhibits who suffer acute ODS or those who suffer chronic-ODS. What you will not see are those who prepare the ODS cases for airing.  We suspect they suffer terminal ODS; certainly incurable ODS as a minimum.

Enjoy and relish in the fact you have not contracted ODS.

The first 1:35 of this segment is worth adding to the "wing-nut" tree. The later half of the segment appears a Daily Show contractual fill, that I didn't find humorous et al

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