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Friday, June 20, 2014

ChuckTodd And Ed Henry Mock the GOP Genghis Kahn: John McCain!


 A little something form The Freak Out Nation.

Watch: Chuck Todd And Ed Henry Caught Mocking McCain On Hot Mic
June 20, 2014
By Anomaly

Chuck Todd and Ed Henry were having a laugh over McCain;’s warmongering but the two correspondents thought the mic was off.  Funny that they aren’t talking smack about Fox hosts such as O’Reilly who are chomping at the bit for another bloody war.


Crooks and Liars reports:

Before Obama entered the briefing room to make his statement on Iraq, Todd leaned over to Henry to ask him what McCain, who supports air strikes in Iraq, must think now that General David Petraeus has come out against further military action. In video captured by The Right Pundit, Todd asked if anyone had “checked on” McCain since Petraeus made his statements. “I’ve got to think McCain must have had heart palpitations,” Todd joked.

“What’s funny is that McCain was on our air an hour ago saying we should send Petraeus to Iraq,” Henry remarked, referring to an earlier appearance the senator did on Fox. But meanwhile, Petraeus gave a speech a day earlier saying the U.S. “can’t be the air force for Iraq.”


We make fun of grandpa McCain too, however, we don’t care if he’s listening.

Uh oh, John’s mad.

It’s not like further evidence was needed to prove the liberal bias at MSNBC and in the mainstream media, but Chuck Todd’s ‘hot mic’ comments asking if anyone ‘checked on’ Senator McCain for ‘heart palpitations’ over General Petraeus’ remarks on Iraq show just how quickly the media will try and discredit Senator McCain and anyone who questions President Obama,” McCain’s communications director, Brian Rogers, said in a statement.

So, Chuck Todd and Ed Henry are liberals now?

Big thanks to R.J. Carter for the link.

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