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Friday, June 6, 2014

General Dollar Lady (racist) "I am not a racist; I have a black cousin!"

Earlier in the week I published this piece....... (I suspect you have seen it. if so no need to re-expose yourself to "exceptional" American racism.) You might want to reacquaint with the video as the back-story has come forth.

If you reacquainted, you are reminded of the extent to which racism and its manifestations via "White Privilege" lives under the surface and deep in the inner core of millions in America. Since the turn of the New Year, you have certainly witnessed manifestations of my point via two other very public exhibitions. I am speaking of Cliven Bundy (Republican) and Donald Sterling (Republican); both wealthy racist who used language quite different than the racist in the video (linked in an article below). The Dollar General woman is that "exceptional" example that many of us see and hear all too frequently. Of course, she is also exceptional in her overt use of such language as deeoly felt output from her inner core. 

The back-story is not only interesting, it answers many questions. As I first viewed the racist rant, I wondered on what basis was the interaction initiated.  

"You scared my kids!"

How did he scare her (all over the place) kids and was she on the phone as the kids were "scared?" You will see my point on all over the place in the video.

Another concern.  Why was the seated driver ("The Ignorant Nigger") so calm and why did he want the racist to call the police?  All questions have been answered. 

After a summary, as I understand it, I have linked articles related to the driver and his verbal abuser. The words "verbal abuse" are important. Apparently, the driver knew what he was doing. after the incident ad review what took place, the lady may be a candidate for harassment charges. The driver has stated he wanted to bait her a bit to secure more vile language to show the world what some face regularly.


The driver Narvell Benning of Buffalo, NY is the father of four children.

narvell benning buffalo new york racist woman video
As he traveled to work, he realized he had forgotten deodorant. He stopped in the Dollar General, purchased the item, and proceeded to his truck. As he started the truck the noise apparently caused a scare in the kids (who I think were rolling around like most kids when unattended).   

The verbally abusive mother attacked with walking-up to Benning and calling him (as indicated above), a "Fucking Ignorant Nigger."


Let's explore beyond the obvious racism of the mother. 

I often notice as I post on the TPI, pieces about white privilege are much less read.  Privilege in the context of the confrontation relates to the abusers also calling Benning "Ignorant."  

You know as well as I know, many white people have a perception they are inherently more intelligent than "any" African-American. The word "any" serves my purpose well. Imagine walking around in the world thinking just about every black person you see is of less intellect, less learned, and stupid? Imagine believing you have the right to jump anyone who via starting a vehicle that spooked your kids gives you the privilege to walkover and call names. Mr. Benning is clearly not "ignorant." What words would she have chosen had the the driver been white? Thus, you have clear exercise of privilege.  

Now, compound the privilege with the danger inherent in running-up against the wrong driver. The abuser actually placed her kids in a position of really getting a scare. Also, with so many carrying weapons, what happens if the interaction led to the woman pulling a weapon and shooting a driver she called the racial epitaph. Why am I reminded of the young man summarily killed when was only guilty of being in a bad place at the wrong time? A bad place. Yes, a place where are hot-headed white man (who pulled up after the parked kids) with a gun, felt empowered to execute at will. It isn't hard to imagine this woman could have shot the driver and the police probably wouldn't have arrested the executor.

It is a great time to get a snippet of what the abuser was saying over the phone to one she claimed was her lawyer. 
Excerpt....                                                                                              As she walks over to the man’s vehicle, she begins yelling to someone on the phone who she claims is her lawyer, “He’s got me on video tape and I’m still flipping the f*ck out,” she says. “I called you a n*gger. You’re a n*gger! Nasty f*cking n*gger!”                                 The woman warns the man that if he calls the police, they will not help him because she has apparently “stripped” for them. Her bizarre rant continues, “how many cops have I stripped for? You ain’t getting far bitch.”                     “Tell him, dude. You will f*cking kill him,” she says to the man on the phone. “I will f*cking yank his ass out of the car… He wants to put it on YouTube because he’s a racist, because he’s a racist ignorant n*gger!”
OK now, pay close attention to how it all works out. How many times have your heard this?   I already know the answer.
“I’m really not a racist, I was just pissed off,” she said, sobbing. “Am I supposed to apologize? Oh yeah, I’ll apologize for him almost him almost hitting my kids and losing my temper.” 
“I’m not a racist,” the woman continued to explain. “I have a black cousin.”

While unfathomable, I have received remarks from readers who keyboarded they cannot believe such people are still around.  Seriously?   

Was it Zbigniew Brzezinski who told Joe Scarborough he was, "superficially shallow?" The characterization doesn't fit anyone who regularly reads the TPI, but if you are one who truly believes people like the Dollar General lady are extinct or on a path to extinction, you might suffer from a bit of naivety.

You might even support a SCOTUS that at every Civil Rights related decision cast votes with the majority population. 

Narvell Benning's story

The Dollar General lady's story (Incldues extracts posted above)

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