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Sunday, June 8, 2014

GOP Members Of Congress :Chase The Scandal Dragon, Tea Party Threats Under Investigation

Last Wednesday the Obama administration hosted a briefing on the swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five GITMO prisoners. State Department, Pentagon and intelligence agencies presented a “proof of life” video that apparently didn't fit the GOP's playbook regarding the prisoner swap. Five Taliban for Taliban captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: "prisoners." But, the five at GITMO were "detainees; you might think of say. 

GITMO "prisoners" vs. "detainee?" The word "detainee" is a false premise from the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld wars; we (at the TPI)  have ceased use of the legally convenient term. End digression.

The Bergdahl swap briefing was an effort to provide information to some in Congress who have gone of crusades against recovery of a US military prisoner. Regardless of circumstance, Bergdahl is alive and was being held by the Taliban. While the Administration was reported to have been ware of flak from the swap. Officials report surprise and dismay at subsequent politicizing via attack on the Bergdahl family. Apparently, the briefing lasted a full two hours, but  as has been the case with other administration briefings, certain anti-Obama members of Congress neither did not attend or skipped-out early. Both John McCain and Senator Chambliss of(R-GA) were observed leaving the briefing well before it ended. McCain is reported to have yelled a question at a briefing presenter and stormed out after yelling a retort response because he did not like the answer to his question.

McCain quickly appeared before the nearest large television audience camera for comment. 

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) stayed long enough to ask a question, but he walked out shortly after shouting at an official over an unsatisfactory answer, according to a Senate aide familiar with the process. 

"I learned nothing," McCain told reporters afterward.
While not part of the quote above, I heard McCain's comments went farther,  ".....nor did I expect to learning anything....." Typical McCain and as common as his reported refusal to obey orders North Viet Nam. Orders that may have contributed to his being shot down and captured. 

Do you think McCain will lever get over his 2008 loss to Obama?  Imagine McCain and Palin in the white House! 

On Friday of this week, Rachel Maddow addressed the GOP dynamic of skipping briefings or early departure from information sessions.

How really sad is the GOP? How really sad are Dinos Iike Manchin (D-WV)? How really sad are the attacks against the Bergdahl family. All surrogate issues as "fronts" for GOP and conservative efforts to discredit President Obama.  

Earlier, I posted a piece that included a link to FBI investigation of Tea Party threats to the Bergdahl family. Click this link for an even more descriptive read of Tea Party and conservative efforts against the Administration.

Yet, the most visible in the GOP continue "Chasing the Dragon" on any issue they might twist into a scandal.

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