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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jared Miller, "As The Joker" , Cogent MSNBC Segments And The Insanity Persists. How Do You Vote?


The Raw Story and Jones post Las Vegas shooting

Tea Party's Vegas cop killer Jerad Miller having breakfast with Bundy family members in mid-April
From The Raw Story to Jared Miller's love for the camera.

Watch his "The Joker" debut. We now have two killers who planned maim with "The Joker" as a backdrop. (2:05 minutes)


Now for a Left perspective on a sub-culture carefully inseminated and nurtured by the GOP and conservative legislative moats for the NRA. The first segment is a lengthy segment, but there are times when information comes with personal requisites.

Do you recall the guy who proudly stood in front of camera and issued strategy to place women on the front-line during the BLM Bundy Ranch conflict? We move to former Nevada sheriff Richard Mack. The State of Nevada and its citizens are much better off with Mack as a past sheriff. Apparently, Mack and Miller have something in common, if nothing more than a photo op. A former sheriff and racist spree killer. 

Could the image below exist as an example of "birds of a feather...."

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Richard Mack, former sheriff ..........

Let's close with an MSNBC The Ed Show segment broadcast today (June 10th 2014). Dr. Michael Eric Dyson host as fill-in host for Ed Schultz. Again the segment is a bit long, but paying the price for information will always result in a ticket to being informed and  a body of knowledge.

How many times have I written here about the implied dangers in that Gadsden Flag as a moniker for Koch brothers inseminated ideology via their Tea Party?

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