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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LiberLand And The Midterms

There really is no good news here. While polling has turned into pretty much a political tool to sway the minds of voters, polling result with indication the GOP will gain seats in the US Senate still hits close to home. And when it comes to the GOP advancing its grip on the nation "Close to home" has the words "Horror" residence address.

If the information in the following piece proves accurate, what we have is testimonial to the sad state of the American electorate. Despite policies clearly focused in favor of the nation's wealthy with crumbs (if any policies related) to the middle class, I am reading about GOP gains in Congress.

Ultimately, I strongly suspect these pollsters are counting on a lite progressive turn-out this fall. If that happens they was have stoked the fire that will consume us all. 

DOOM: Poll Shows Cantor’s Not The Only GOP Idiot In Trouble Nationally! (via Americans Against The Tea Party)
Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss may herald other GOP losses in November. A recent poll from HuffPost/YouGov show that Republicans aren’t sure about other sitting Congress members either, as the poll found Republicans feel that the current GOP…

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