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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Of Being GOP And Masking Reailty

Obviously, the GOP playbook went out of the past few days. Within mere hours of securing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, many Republican tweeted congratulations. Most who tweeted or bothered to congratulate along with some Democrats (Red Staters) deleted their congratulations.

How seriously pathetic!  

Common decency aside. History military ethos notwithstanding. Movement towards "no Americans left in Afghanistan" held in contempt, makes no difference to politicians who follow orders to obstruct  or do not support the prisoner swap.

Since you are probably of a progressive mindset and may very well watch a few of the MSNBC evening news shows, the following video (Or excerpt for the full video) you may have seen the segments. I have extracted news portions of two embedded segments with respect for time and your possible lack of need to view punditry.  The remaining segment is full length and carries a worthwhile message beyond pure punditry. Of course, I have posted links to the full segments.

Chris Hayes, ALL In,  June 3th (5:52 minutes)

Chris Hayes, ALL In, June 3rd (1:56 minutes)

Chris Hayes , ALL In, June 4th, (10:12) A cogent culminating piece! 

The Mashable published a list (with examples of deleted tweets). The deleted also include democrats.

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