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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scarborough Joins Americans For Progress Director In Sad On-air Exhibition!

Joe Scarborough chastised by Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski during a 2008 segment. We have captured the word salient to this post and avoided posting the entire discussion of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Scarborough never ceases to amaze. He also reminds of the very reason along with his co-host  (Mika) the Morning Joe Show does not make my early morning news viewing.


Talking Points Memo published a piece this morning that you simply must read and view. The unbelievable profanity laced rant speak volume about from Joe Scarborough. The morning show host replete with prop went about his mission to join Fox News in attacking the father of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Why is it so hard to understand the elder Bergdahl's wish to have his son home?  Regardless of prosecution or no prosecution, his son is alive and no longer a captive in Afghanistan. 

Personally, Bergdahl does not appear to be what this nation commonly refers to as 'hero.' Yet, he certainly shouldn't expect to be left to die in the hands of captives, Most fathers would expended any measure to secure favorable treatment (as opposed to death) or release of a son or daughter.  

Why does conservative American, including non-democrats like Manchin of West Virginia, find the gall to hate with a "red herring" regarding five 'combatants (prisoners) at Gitmo? Who in the GOP conspires to develop lockstep talking points that would fail to consider the love of a father or mother.  

I find it revealing Scarborough has not taken exception to Fox News disparaging the elder Bergdahl based on his Duck Dynasty-like beard.

I ask that you pay close attention to Scarborough's use of profanity.  It seems he is either auditioning for a job at Fox News or his reality has moved to that of completely deranged. I strongly suspect the later.

MSNBC should require an apology for his lack of professionalism and the network should consider asking the ($100,000 per week) host to secure a talking with an "emotions" professional. 

Watch the most disturbing example of conservative derangement this week.

While I am not one to spend one second watching Fox News (not even the sensible Shepard Smith).  I do not think use of profanity (Obvious bleeped-out) Is acceptable behavior from a show host. Bill O'Reilly, noted for such rants, has never used the words bleeped by MSNBC.  I have never heard of such from Hannity.  The Morning Three Stooges certainly have not moved to what you just witnessed from Scarborough.

As the melt-down unfolded, I was reminded of a very important point. Scarborough's non-verbal recoil as Todd spoke indicated what was to come. He seemed to have been caught by a fellow conservative who didn't get the lockstep memo to go after the elder Bergdahl.  When, they are busted with their strategies showing they (like mix-matched socks) often resort to heated exhibitions of angst.  (Look again as Todd's disagrees with Scarborough. There is something about his non-verbals that says, "You have no right to disagree!") The second point, it is somewhat comforting to see two conservatives disagree on attacking the Bergdahl parents.  

Scarborough also spoke about his ability to call a company commander and demand his son come-out of combat, off his post ad to a hospital in Germany.  Well, do you seriously think you or I could accomplish such? His comments were not well thought-out and if he truly believes he has that ability, he is guilty of elitist privilege well beyond our opportunity to affect such actions, even to save a loved one, 

Did you notice Mika's look of surprise when Todd took exception to Scarborough's developing prop laden performance. She also appeared to reach over to touch Scarborough's arm as if to give a non-verbal, "Now don't go off."   If my suspicion is correct, is the Morning Joe Show structured such it should be a platform for conservative dogma. That is available via Fox and Friends.  If my arm touch suspicion is correct it speaks volumes about show performance for both host vs. open and fair dialogue. If that is the case, that confirms often stated comments about the Morning Joe Show mission in support of conservative America. 

At the end of the day, MSNBC senior management extracted a resignation Martin Bashir for mere analogous comments about Sarah Palin.  Will that same management team simply gloss over or ignore Scarborough's on-air behavior?

Talking Points Memo


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