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Friday, June 20, 2014

Scott Walker Back In The News: Republican Politics?

A Criminal Scheme to Violate Elections Laws. 

Apparently, federal investigators a legally narrowing in on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker like circling Great White Sharks. The complete image also includes a wounded Walker with figurative campaign financing blood streams guiding the investigative sharks to their prey. 

Charles Scoot Walker is emblazoned in US History and Wisconsin History as a governor who escaped a 2012 recall special election results from an organized labor led campaign. The election win against Democratic challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, was only the third recall election the state. It was a recall election that drew national coverage from networks like CNN and MSNBC. 

Walker's 2010 post election anti-public employee union job reductions became "cause celebre"  for the political Right. Basically, after winning the governorship in Wisconsin, Walker enacted obvious initiatives to perform union-busting measures. Measures well-known as next to minority voter suppression in reducing election threats from Democratic Party voting blocs.

A few issues related to the recall election are worth noting. As Walker settled into office, he accepted a "prank" call that he believed was from one of the nation's number one and two GOP/Libertarian money-brokers: David Koch.  The 10:00 minute conversation appeared as a 9:20 minute case of verbal diarrhea from a politician to cash cow potential donor. The prank caller seems to have tapped in to Waller's inner "suck-ass" barometer as only rarely witnessed.  

The following audio segment represents the full phone call and it is posted as labelled by the YouTube poster. 

Koch Whore

The manifest power of the money-broker. Walker would undoubtedly never have taken a call from you or me, and I suspect he wasn't in a mindset to accept a call from media other than Fox News.  Yet, he spent ten minutes "sucking-down" a fake Koch.  A call as a fore-barer of things to come, or alleged to have taken place via Walker and his campaign team. 

Walker's Recall Election Exit Poll results in 1:12 minutes.

I will never recall the anticipation of months upon months of tracking recall petition results required to force the labor back recall election. The numbers mounted month after month with a certified recall vote total of 900,939 (a virtual million recall signatures). Petition signatures were almost double the required 540,208 and set-off an almost "moon-landing" like euphoria in progressive media. MSNBC''s Ed Schultz at times appeared orgasmic about the prospect of a Walker recall. I will admit to a serious political "woodie" over the prospect of a Walker recall. You can imagine the absolute glee from Wisconsin union officials, union members, Walker-haters, and progressive/liberal aficionados in the state.

The perfect exhibition the let-down was Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz after the declaration of the Walker Recall Vote win.  Video of Ed Schultz and other pundits as vote results indicated a Walker win as the night progressed escapes my ability to find them.  My search yielded two brief segments from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart satirically lambasting post vote reaction from both media camps: Part I; Part II.

The Ed Schultz and Maddow  reaction to Scott Walker's Recall Vote night was classic in its unanticipated disappointment. Schultz alluded to out of state money with clear implication he felt the state had been Koched by the ever-present anti-labor oligarchs. The day after the election, Ed Schultz simply nailed the recall vote and inherent danger associated with Right-wing money infused into local election with special mention of warnings for the 2012 General elections.

Alas, the election came and went with Scott Walker and the political Right buoyed for the future. Walker even parlayed his win as a "Red Badge of Courage" towards a campaign run for the GOP presidential ticket in 2016.

We move to June 2014 and the sub-headline above flashes across progressive and neutral media. 

"A Criminal Scheme to Violate Elections Laws." 

I am posting very descriptive entries related to Scott Walker and the nascent revelations of the alleged criminal scheme. 

MSNBC's Politics Nation and Al Sharpton. A long but relevant segment.  (11:28 minutes) 

I find it impossible to view Walker's legal entanglements any differently than those of Chris Christie. The 2010 prank phone call also sheds a beacon of light on Walker as surely as:

UPDATE: The Ed Show 6.20.2014 Linked

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