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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Churning Out The Propaganda And Exposing Their Inner Core!

One should wonder if the inventors of television as an entertainment media could have fantasied their "baby" turned into a Frankenstein Monster. You think the point is a bit exaggerated? Maybe so, until we consider exactly how the media is revealing a seedy side of America that was less prevalent prior to Ronald Reagan. Your suspicions have been connected.  

Both political ideologies (liberal and conservative) use the media to deliver messages to the American people. Consequently, the media also capture damaging images of mental process that manifest in oratory. And, that often leads of unfettered manipulation and revelations of pure ignorance. 

Yesterday, we published a piece  about the extent to which the Sunday morning news shows have become a haven for "older white guy GOP conservatives."  The networks chose between high-end millennial (far more republican than not (see charts via link above) and provides thus providing non-strop drivel. We the viewer are consequential subjects and victims. 

Our concern for public opinion shaping via the Sunday news shows is minor compared to the more universal use to media for conservative propaganda. Along with GOP opportunity for propaganda and influencing public opinion, comes exposure of those who opine so publicly and dramatically.

We offer a few minutes that illustrate our point. Below you will find irrefutable evidence of conservative insanity. As you move into the piece think about a world in which these people have full control of our nation.

Paul Wolfowitz and Bill Kristol topped the marquee of Right-wing demagogues who occupied yesterday's "older white guy GOP conservatives."

Media Matters

Sunday Shows Turn To Discredited Iraq War Architects For Iraq Analysis


Sunday Shows Turn To Discredited Iraq War Architects For Iraq Analysis
Blog ››› June 15, 2014 4:17 PM EDT ››› EMILY ARROWOOD

NBC and ABC's Sunday news shows turned to discredited architects of the Iraq War to opine on the appropriate U.S. response to growing violence in Iraq, without acknowledging their history of deceit and faulty predictions.
Wolfowitz, who served in the Bush administration from 2001 -- 2005 as Deputy Secretary of Defense, is universally recognized as one of the original architects of the Iraq invasion. He infamously predicted the war reconstruction effort could pay for itself from Iraqi oil revenue (for reference, the cost of the Iraq War is now estimated to be more than $2 trillion), and publicly accused Saddam Hussein of possessing weapons of mass destruction long after the intelligence community informed the Pentagon that he did not. Later, Wolfowitz claimed that the conflict was primarily about liberating the Iraqi people rather than confronting the WMD threat, while also making the assertion -- without evidence -- that without the invasion, "we would have had a growing development of Saddam's support for terrorism." 
Ten years after the start of the war, Wolfowitz admitted that the Bush administration bungled the conflict and should never have taken control of the country away from Iraqi leadership, despite having been the first senior Bush official after September 11, 2001 to call for Hussein's overthrow.

Kristol cheerleaded the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq and was even a member of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a coalition of neoconservatives pushing for military invention. He infamously predicted the Iraq conflict was "going to be a two month war," (the war lasted approximately 104 months) and testifying in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee urging military action, Kristol proclaimed that "American and alliance forces will be welcomed in Baghdad as liberators." 
One month into the conflict, in April 2003, he declared that the "battles of Afghanistan and Iraq have been won decisively and honorably." That same month, Kristol maintained that there is "almost no evidence ... at all" that "the Shia can't get along with the Sunni, and the Shia in Iraq just want to establish some kind of Islamic fundamentalist regime." 
In recent months Kristol has sneered at the notion that Americans may be "war-weary," calling it an "excuse to avoid maintaining our defenses or shouldering our responsibilities" while advocating for military invention in Syria. 
Watch Kristol speak GOP lockstep on Obama's "mistake" in removing US troop from Iraq. We must remember John McCain argued similarly last week on the Morning Joe Show and his argument came across as, "To the victory go the spoils." McCain segment posted below.

Sit for a moment with a cabal that should have sat in a court room similar to that photo-shopped below. If not to defend against charges for violation of international law, then for crimes and malfeasance against the American people. I personally never heard the word "impeach," leveled against George W. Bush.


An image that denotes "No"credibility regarding international affairs, no credibility regarding veracity, and the image depicts a dark abyss of US History.
Let's transition to another war-hawk who also wants US troops in any conflict across the globe. Brazil had best watch out, McCain is watching.

Read much more after break below

McCain mentions "great sacrifices" as a factor in US troops spread across the globe. The rational viewer might come away with the thought, McCain views past wars as ending with conquered territories. Does the jingoist have fantasies of US colonialism?

Mika VS McCain (Are you ready to fight; are you ready to fight? Get it OOOON!)

From NBC and ABC to Fox News Sunday and the New mantra: blame Obama for House leadership failure to enact an Immigration Reform vote. 

A segment from MSNBC's The Ed Show is "point-on."

Fox News

Rep. Tom Price says Barack Obama is immigration reform's "largest opponent."  
GOP Rep. Blames Obama For Immigration Reform Failure (VIDEO) Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) on Sunday placed the blame for Congress' failure to pass... 


Politico has reported on Mitt Romney "sun deck" appearance on one the Sunday shows and typical Mitt Romney went there with "I am so credible" drivel. Of Course, Romney is a Republican who has campaigned for the US Presidency on two occasions. He has actually secured the GOP nomination and received a resounding thrashing from US voters. Therefore, the Sunday news show programming managers seek him out as if he served eight years in the White House with 85% approval ratings. Romney has no credibility beyond expertise in shipping US jobs overseas, squirreling his wealth across the globe, baring "false witness," and demeaning 47 % of US voters.

How can the aforementioned program managers overlook the facts? Romney is not generally viewed as credible. Past election results seem to indicate less than full-faith perceptions of thr former candidate. Notice below, the percent of 2012 General election votes garnered by Romney/Ryan. "Forty-seven percent" spoken at the Boca Raton mansion was a stroke of pure clairvoyance. 

 The final tally was Obama 332, Romney 206 for PresidentThe final popular vote totals were 65,899,660 for Obama-Biden (51.1%) and 60,932,152 (47.2%) for Romney-Ryan

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested on Sunday the best way for Republicans to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, if she’s the Democratic presidential nominee, is to focus on her record as... POLITICO|BY AUSTIN WRIGHT


Point of reference..Perry's original remarks.

Is the American psyche so shallow and focused on the short-term, we forget our recent past. Wolfowitz and Kristol via their respective roles in the Iraq War helped steer the US to economic collapse and violations of international law. If you as a family were fortunate enough to avoid loss or maiming of a loved one in Iraqm the economic impact of 10 plus years in country also reached into your life.

The GOP would love to successfully deflect failure to pass Immigration legislation on the current president. How about Cantor's and Boehner's refusal to allow any such measure come to a vote?

Rick Perry.....well let's just leave it at: "The man is simply not very smart."

And the Band Plays On...................

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