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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: US Captive And Family Suffers Under The GOP Obama Effect

The various phases of GOP anti-Obama syndrome continue to evade eradication like a disease no longer treatable with anti-biotics. From pre-inauguration obstruction planning through Darrel Issa's non-fruit bearing committee hearings, the GOP has run the course of embarrassing and futile efforts to destroy any prospect Barack H. Obama will leave a legacy befitting his level of accomplishment: The Democratic Hub Obama Accomplishments.

As we think we've seen it all, the GOP and conservative political operatives chart another path of character assassination littered with subterfuge and malfeasance.

Despite the fact the recovery of captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl may poll at a high favor-ability level, the GOP digs deep for a "scandal." Credible reports GOP have operatives, including a former Romney campaign official, literally seeking-out former enlistees and officers who served with Bergdahl. 

Never before has any US military captive received the nascent level of negative reaction from any US political party. The high level of angst regarding Bergdhal has deep roots in Right-wing social media and Right-wing electronic media. Deep roots that indicate clear evidence GOP politicians are guided by the lowest levels of Right-wing psyche and accompanying dogma. A few days ago his recovery was hailed with congratulations, by some who literally scrubbed their well wishes after Drudge and Fox News deliver the playbook. 

The lowest level or the lowest denominator looks and sounds like the Fox Host in the first few seconds of the MSNBC clip that follows. The jingoist/machismo exhibited by the co-host is not only obscene, it is child-like. As you view the host's asinine remarks, think of her audience. People who actually sit and sock-up such silliness. 

Why would a Navy Seal summarily kill Bergdahl without clear orders to execute the captive? How could a Seal sentence the captive to jail-time. Alas, the Fox News host's message to her viewers doesn't included consideration of due process under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). It simply provided a momentary feel good charge of machismo for each viewer. 

Hereafter, everything you are about to see and hear is a direct result of Barack H. Obama as the nation's 44th President.

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Dangerously sad actually!

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