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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Daily Kos Provides Details About The Las Vegas Shooters Unfound Via Other Media

Cop Killers, more "Joker' lover killers, racist, Bundyites, anti-government anarcho-terrorists

Re-post from The Daily Kos

And, at a time when electronic media is on-site and not reporting details about the shooters. I have only read about their Neo-Nazism, racist and anti US government mindsets via the Internet. CNN has gone out of its way to avoid any mention of details beyond "anti-government." MSNBC is lagging in coverage, but catching up with internet media. Fox is reported to have labeled the two as "meth heads."

Jerad and Amanda Miller wedding photo, December 2013
Wonkette identified the shooters as Jerad and Amanda Miller. Their Facebook pages reveal an affinity for gun rights, Cliven Bundy, Tea Party politics, chemtrail conspiracies and New World Order paranoia.
This was posted only one day before the rampage:
Jerad Miller Facebook post on June 7th,
Here is Jerad Miller posing with Tea Party militia leader Richard Mack, who was recently front and center in the Bundy Ranch standoff claiming they were planning to use women as human shields at the Bundy Ranch in the event a gun battle broke out with the federal government.
Sheriff Richard Mack and Jerad Miller at Libertarian sheriffs debate
One month before their deadly spree, Jerad Miller was asking his friends on Facebook for help getting a gun:
Jerad Miller Facebook post asking for someone to give him a rifle to help
Here Amanda Miller shows off her Christmas presents from this past Christmas:
Amanda Miller posing with
Another shows her at target practice:
Amanda Miller target practice photo with an assault rifle
And she posted this bitstrip cartoon just days after they got married:
Bitstrip cartoon posted by Amanda Miller showing her and Jerad Miller in combat.
Jump below the fold for more photos and videos, including an interview with Jerad Miller at the Bundy Ranch.
It's not confirmed that Jerad Miller was at the Bundy Ranch during the standoff, even interviewed News4 in Reno, NV:
He also made a few rambling videos which he posted to YouTube. He made this one for his wife just before he reported to jail last summer. In the video, he sobs about how much he'll miss her and thanks her for always bringing a smile to his face, no matter "how crabby of a mood he's in because of the New World Order":
Another bizarre video starts with roughly a minute of his cats and then moves onto a rant about drones and big government:


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