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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Sunday Morning News Shows: The Domain Of The GOP Jingoists!

.....and platform of Right-wing Dogma and arena for misguided public policy
Today's morning news shows are over. 

The GOP message has (again) been delivered. Sunday morning news show hosts and producer s pack it away for another week, while they salivate with anticipation of their copious payroll deposits. You and I are theoretically, if gullible, filled with another week of GOP propaganda...and all is well on the Right. Correction, since my viewing habits have me inoculated from the effects of the Sunday News shows like a fresh Tetanus Vaccine Injection, I am immune from the Sunday morning gullible.

Time reports as follows after the Sunday morning "older white guy GOP conservative" shows:
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R—SC.)
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R—S.C.) said on CNN’s State of the Union that he supports the use of airstrikes to stop the group’s expansion and that Syria and Iraq will become “the staging area for the next 9/11″ if action isn’t taken. “If Baghdad falls, if the central government falls, a disaster awaits us of monumental proportions,” he said.
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) 

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) sided with Graham, calling the rise of ISIS the “worst-case scenario” for the U.S. He also said airstrikes were necessary to halt the insurgents’ activity during his State of the Union appearance, as a first step. “I don’t think [airstrikes are] necessarily the panacea.” Kinzinger said. “The U.S. military is not some weak animal…and we have got to go in there. Work on a political solution with Iraq and push back this very evil organization, ISIS, and give some breathing space to the Iraqi government to do what it needs to do.”

Mitt Romney from his "exclusive" perch on David Gregory's Meet The Press.

Peter King in full alarm mode, on Meet The Press

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said.... 
“Clearly, if they can get this sanctuary in the northeast, in Syria, in Iraq, it makes this, in effect, a privileged sanctuary to attack the United States,” he said. “[That's] apart from the destabilization they can do throughout the Middle East, especially throughout the countries Jordan and Israel.”
Of course, many conservatives and the full measure of the GOP refuses to accept ultimate responsibility for the current fighting in Iraq is the fault of Prime Minister Maliki. They will avoid any consideration of their desire to arm the Syrian rebels; many of which are affiliated with the ISIS charge through Northwestern Iraq. 

It is refreshing to see and here a counter argument from someone outside Sunday morning "older white guy GOP conservative" shows" business model. The voice of reason from a Democrat and a woman who happens to be a Veteran (as is Kinzinger of Illinois).

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D—Hawaii) said airstrikes would not be a good idea, appearing on the same program that morning. 
“We do have the fiercest, strongest military in the world,” she said. “We also have the responsibility to very careful about how and where we use that military force. It is not in our U.S. interest to go and involve ourselves in the middle of what is a religious civil war.”
Yet again, GOP members of Congress (and certain Blue Dog Democrats) want airstrikes. How does Sunday News how managers and producers rationalize providing platforms for conservative politicians who simply long for US bombings? Rep. Kinzinger actually supports "going in there!" talk show producers and host know the Iraqi Army, Iran and Assad (Syrian leader) are countering the ISIS charge through Iraq. While I am certain comment about counter measures ensued this morning, I seriously question the obvious decision to allow certain members of Congress to sit and spew pure jingoist rhetoric. The spewing also includes West Virginia Congressman Manchin: Deep Blue Dog Democrat. I must correct the last sentence. Manchin is a DINO (Democrat in Name Only).
Counter forces in the region are stepping up to fight their battles. 

The Financial Times

June 14, 2014 6:18 pm

By Erika Solomon in Erbil

Members of Iraq's security forces chant slogans in Baghdad on June 13.
Read more linked above

The Daily Star Lebanon News 

June 15, 2014 04:31 PM

In this still image from video taken by militants, Friday, June 13, 2014, militants from the Al-Qaeda-inspired group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) are seen at a border crossing between Iraq and Syria after Iraqi security forces fled. (AP Photo/militant video)
BEIRUT: Syria's army has been pounding major bases of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria in coordination with the Baghdad government for the last 24 hours, an activist group says Sunday.

On June 12, 2014, Tom Engelbardht published a cogent and timely piece about US militarism on Bill Moyers and Company Dot Com.

In March 2013, Moyers and Company ran a piece about US media complicity and shared responsibility in George W. Bush's shared into Iraq. While, the WMD ruse, is in the GOP wasteland relative to current GOP avidity for intervention in the Middle East, make no mistake the net-net potential failure would be similar.

The excerpt that follows includes the word "Cheerleader" relative to US media in 2003. As I consider current GOP libido driven avidity for re-intervention in Iraq, the word "facilitate" seems much more apropos.

Moyers & Company 2007

The choice in the current Iraq civil and regional conflict are clear. Intervention from the US or no intervention from the US. As the matter is appropriately under consideration by an uncommonly cerebral Commander in Chief there many issues. Strategically and much more long-term, what traps would the "chopping at the bit" GOP (and blue dog Dems) offer the nation? Once, the bombs have been dropped and the temporary satisfaction of "ooh and ah" jingoism is satiated, what next? Is Rep. Kinzingers wish to "go in there" the next move?" Would Kinzinger jump back into the cockpit of a military war plane to assist in dropping bombs? Think of the photo opportunity for his constituents! Or, has his seat in congress yet reaped the millions (for purpose of campaign spending) so common among others who sit in the legislative body. A state of being surely to dissuade personally joining the fight. When will US involvement in active combat or maintaining expensive US facilities around the world come to an end or to some level of sanity? John Wayne's McCain's comments on MSNBC this past week are an indication of life under GOP federal governance. McCain actually rattled-off a few of the 153 nations that house US troops or service related facilities. His comment about military "wins" and;"great sacrifices";almost sounds as if he is a proponent of US post-war colonialism.
How about Maliki and root causes of the problem? A point wasted on the party on the Right as root causes are often, not the concern of the jingoist in the GOP? 

In 2007, Moyers & Company placed the price of the Iraq war at 183,000 lives an $2 trillion in US cost to the tax payers. We are still running a tab in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. When will the GOP equate wars to budgets expenses as they do human services programs? How abut the bottom-line "stuff" regarding the GOP. The party on the Right is more than consistently wrong about federal governance. A few examples stand clear and irrefutable:
  • Supply side/Trickle-down Economics
  • Free markets: No regulation
  • Federal Government shutdown
  • Auto Industry Bailouts
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Intervention in Syria, Ukraine and across the globe 
  • Firearm Background check legislation
  • Efforts to deny minorities and the elderly the vote
The GOP will be the GOP. 
If not placed in check the US would find itself if virtual wars. Media will seek viewership for purpose of ratings without regard for deep probes into issues. Take a few minutes to glance at a series of graphics from Media Matters. Over the full 2013 calendar US TV/Cable media offer guest seats as follows. 
If you and I do not work to seek and assimilate the truth, we will find ourselves back in the same international and national economic abyss as with Bush/Cheney. we will also find ourselves having regressed socially and even more divide a nation than now.  
Now, the stake through the heart of the Sunday news shows. A Media Matters look with consideration of the US Census regarding race and ethnicity.

"Older white guy GOP conservative," Pardu?

If offer the table below, for those who have read through the piece and have hung-up on my choice of phraseology for the Sunday shows, I offer a final bit of "icing" to the images and points related to the Media Matters graphics. The icing doesn't come via Media Matters:

US viewer driven media will continue to operate within the parameters of its current business model. Viewers be aware, what you have just read speaks directly to why the GOP considers the Sunday new shows tantamount to visiting some of platform of preaching to the nation. The sermon is laced with right-wing dogma, GOP strategy and networks feeding viewers as if we are cash cows.

And the Sunday news show churn-on. But, we can rest assured President Obama has a thorough opinion poll handle on how the majority of Americans feel about bombing ISIS while others can and should step-up. If he orders military action it will be measured, narrowly focused and far less than "going in there."

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