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Friday, June 13, 2014

Victims Can Tell A Story Far Greater Than Your Imagination. Racsim Has Many Victims... Including You!

An ability to craft words in written form and deliver a compelling and cogent encrypted message is a gift.  A gift most do not possess. Of deeper importance, is the fact some people who have "the gift" either do not exercise the gift to influence change or they do not use the gift to impart information. Fewer and fewer people are using their "gift" to fill the void left from the universality of conservative right-wing AM Radio, no progressive FM radio to speak of and the proliferation of cable news networks with American conservatives a target market. Consequently, millions are being fed messages that till the human brain for seedling communication that is laced with "isms." 

We all must remember, there are entities (people, movements, organizations) that use counter influence to promulgate and disseminate messages to influence. Their influence is deleterious to everything that is right (in society) and dangerous to the greater society. They are pied-pipers of hatred, bias, racism, gender-bias, misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia: "isms".  While the various flavors of pied-pipers of hatred are universal killers of a potential "great society," I believe racism is at the top of a hypothetical "pyramid of hatred" and also occupies the common area of the Venn diagram of oppression. No matter the "isms" delineated above, race trumps all others. We are all human beings who fall into three universal categories: Man, woman, child.

Of course, 
I am receptive to augment other "isms" top-out American bias and hatred. While standing for the counter argument, I ask that you consider argument points well beyond the actual Constitutional inception of the nation.  I ask that you think of the impact of racism and how it has since permeated all facets of society.  

Racism has impact well beyond the much more common gender bias. "Much more common" only based on sheer numbers of women as victims of the domineering male to the lowest form of bias: simply not allowing the female to play because she is a "girl." 

When we keep our mouths closed and our keyboarding fingers inactive regarding discriminatory or racist acts, we are enabling. Moreover, such enabling harms the perpetrator who may also unbundle against a friend or relative.

It is also critical to remember "isms" bundle. You will rarely find the racist who is not also homophobic. You will never find a homophobic who isn't in, some say gender biased. Many racists and homophobics hide their social issues behind the Bible. Thus, you will very rarely find anyone from the groups delineated above who does not find non-christian faiths deplorable.  Bundled!

Bundling in human history has provided data that have led to far too many instances of the Anti-Defamation Leagues "Pyramid of Hate."

Since Native Original North Americans suffered the ultimate level of the Pyramid, you can allow your consideration to fall to the next level. The image and message from that level down is dire and it impacts some Americans every day of their lives. Of course, the Pyramid is from the ADL, so you know other instances in the history of mankind when racism religious and culture hatred topped off the Pyramid.

There are those who speak-out refuse to muddle into the masses who simply and effectively enact Pontius Pilate like hand washing. If the Biblical Pilate doesn't fit your paradigm, I offer a humorous and fictional depiction: Linked

Bev Collier  Friend of the TPI granted permission to re-post a cogent I hope you give a read. 

My fellow white Americans, 

I feel strongly about this: If you really want to understand the full impact of racism in this country, ask a black friend, an Hispanic friend, or any friend of color. They are the experts because they live with it every day.

Listen to what your friends of color have to say as they tell you what it is like to be treated as less than equal. Listen as they tell you about "The Talk" they must give to their sons in hopes that they wont' get arrested or even killed for a minor action. Listen as they tell you what it is like for their character to be judged by the color of their skin. Try to understand what it is like to live by a different set of standards than us whites just because they are perceived as being different, less than equal, "The Other".

Do you understand the struggle to get ahead in this society if you skin is not white? Listen to the countless stories of people of color who have worked hard to achieve, only to be met with one obstacle after another.

Then.... Listen to your friends of color. See the beauty of their diversity - their contributions to our society, their remarkable ability as a great people to endure in spite of white oppression.

Then….. Ask yourself, how can I sit still and ignore the suffering and pain of racism in this country? How can I look into the eyes of children of color and not see the longing for love and acceptance and a chance to thrive in this country? What can I do to help rid this society of this evil affliction?

Racism is a problem created and nurtured by white folks. It is our responsibility to face it head on and do something about it! Listen to our friends of color, stand up against racism! Call out racist words and actions as you encounter them. Work to change the system so that people of color have a fair chance to succeed in this country. Don't sit back and pretend racism does not exist! Racism is evil and immoral! Listen to your friends of color!

They are the experts!

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