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The Pardu
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Watch a Racist Teach Her Kids How To Develop Into Adults!

If you have not heard the word "Nigger" lately, this is how it rolls-off the lips!

And there are those who simply avoid any discussion, reports of and indications of racist remarks.  It is as if we really believe our world has evolved to a point where "white privilege" is only practiced by white nationalist or supremacist operatives, or used to facilitate elections (GOP). What you are about to see and hear is validation "white privilege" lives and thrives under the surface any white person who feels there is a need to strike out against an African-American. Of course, most do not fire-off the  Word "Niger," But there are those who will without hesitation use the word and proudly use the word

The real tragedy here?  The woman uses the word in the presence of her children and she does so as proudly as a mother dressing the little ones in Easter Sunday clothing.  Do yo think these children are being taught the seeds of racism?  

 The reality of my question. You cannot say no the kids are not being taught the basis of racism.

Watch and Listen! Your neighbor, your relative, your friend?

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