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Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekly To Daily Documented And Published Public Use Of the "N" Word

The "N" word always rolls of the mouth in similar fashion.

The following is in no way meant to disparage any readers who may be Caucasian, but I must ask a question.

What is going on with whites certain white people who are perpetrating major social offenses and attacks on African-Americans on retail parking lots?  Are we facing a time when retail store management will post "No "N" Word Use" along side "No weapons or firearms" signage. How about this signage?
No service if .....No shirts, No shoes, No sagging pants, No (overt racists), No "N" Word Use on parking lot.
Are you old enough to remember when blacks and whites were not allowed to enter retail establishments (any establishment) except via separate entry points or via restricted use services.



Ooops, now how did that get in there?
Since, we cannot seem to avoid interaction that results in whites calling non-whites racist slurs, should we considers separating people. Alas, a thought some on the Right might very well relish! What happens if the interaction is in an "Open Carry"  state and the name calling is supplanted with a firearm? Didn't we recently see a court conviction in a case where a verified "hot-headed' white man fired on three teens during a "loud music" interaction.... in a retail parking lot. 

When we write about incessant exhibitions of growing overt racism, some feel we are practicing paranoia. Yes, we have people who read the TPI who will not hesitate to declare certain opines and posits as paranoia. Those readers do not seem to recognize news media will avoid such coverage if not force to provide credible reporting.  

Coverage of such interactions often make local broadcast along with remote camera coverage of fires, and nightly reports of armed crime. If we are aware of our world how can we expect to make the world a better place or simply navigate safely across the full scope of our lives.

Wilton Manors Florida Commissioner and his "N" Word parking lot party joins the NY State General Dollar "N" Word parking lot party.

Wilton Manors Commissioner Ted Galatis “began calling her and her passengers ’N*ggers’” in a Publix parking lot on Sunday.

FL official says he was ‘protecting’ himself when he shouted n-word at Publix shoppers (via Raw Story )
A Florida city commissioner apologized over the weekend for shouting the n-word at a woman in a grocery store parking lot, but said that he did it because he felt threatened by passengers in her car. In a police report obtained by WTVJ, a woman asserted…


NY woman’s racist tirade at Dollar General goes viral: ‘Nasty f*cking n*gger!’ (via Raw Story )
Video that showed a New York woman yelling racist slurs at a black man went viral this week, prompting outrage on the Internet. On Wednesday, a YouTube user named IAMOYAB posted video of himself sitting in a Dollar General parking lot arguing with a…

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