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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Tea Party Media Operative and Performer Challenged Via Facts

Rick Santelli, open mouth yell the lies
One month after Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, Rick Santelli CBNC floor reporter on the Chicago Board of Trade, performed the Mother of conservative rants on the CBT trading floor. His performance was possibly the first visual manifestation of what was to come via the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity tea party movement.

If you have never seen the rant, spend five minutes or skip through the performance. 

 I have read headlines with a moniker of "Rant of the Year (2009)."  
The New York Times published a piece the day after the Santeilli rant. The piece included conservative support for the rant and comment from people who earn a living via media scrutiny and posit about our financial markets.
The New York Times, February 20, 2009
Yesterday Rick Santelli, who reports from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade the for CNBC, unleashed a rant against Obama’s newly announced housing bailout plan, intended to help some homeowners refinance mortgages and avoid foreclosure. The clip was quickly linked to and embedded in Web sites everywhere, and provoked intense reaction that pretty much broke along partisan lines.
Read more including the aforementioned comments

Santelli's rant was an awfully well crafted display of emotion against Obama Administration plan to assist people who were victims of the Bush sub-prime crash and the 2008 collapse of the US economy. Crooks and Liars editors must also have felt Santelli's 2009 rant was staged to provide impetus for the Koch tea party movement; linked here.

The well crafted visual,  replete with staged carnival barking, led to a movement that inspired high-end baby boomers to protest. Sales of the American flag surely quadrupled. Lawn chair sales sky-rocketed.  It is possible the mobile restroom company revenues went over the top to accommodate aging prostrates, bladders and urinary tracts.

NoTaxesNever before had America experienced protests from its high-end baby Boomers. It was a movement of movements for the early 21st Century and it was a major facade. "No Taxes" was the mantra; winning the US House and Senate was the underlying mission.

It was a movement that provided energy and inertia for conservative victories in the 2010 mid-term elections. The tea party capture and infestation of the US House of Representatives has become a major contributor to the current do nothing Congress, credit rating downgrades, government shutdowns and the (so-called) "Sequester." President Obama referred to the 2010 tea party victory as a "shellacking" for the Democrats. It was an existential "shellacking" for the nation, we simply had no idea at the time.

Apparently, Santelli embarked on another rant this week. Santell's target this week: Federal reserve policy. He was met head-on with a panel who placed credibility over rhetoric and performance.

Steve Liesman Destroys Rick Santelli 

A final question, because we need not comment beyond the video above.

Why do people on the Right (media in particular) to the person deploy wide-open mouth yelling and screaming when challenged or cornered? 

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