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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A TPI Twitter Tree

A few days back I published a screed with of information bundled into an "Obama Twitter Tree."  The response was so overwhelmingly positive, I have harvested  a few Tweets over the past 30 hours...and Yes...developed another Twitter Tree.

Before we climb our tree, I cannot resist re-linking and embedding a very short segment from a recent HBO Bill Maher show segment. The segment includes Maher's attempt to discuss specifics that support the Right's current obstruction model:  lawsuits and impeachment.  His panel included three guests; two guest are frequent conservative TV personalities.  One of the two, Matt Kibbe is apparently employed by FreedomWorks and is a noted tea party leader.  I use the word "leader" loosely as despite after shocks the tea party is fading into obscurity. The Koch brothers tea party fades after serving as a path to infestation of the US House of Representatives and the least productive Congress in US History. 
Huff PO Amanda Terkel July 2013
Give the segment  a watch! It is the perfect prelude to climbing the Twitter Tree.

What the fuck does that mean?

The Twitter Tree..

US Budget and Paul Ryan's shifty "Opportunity Grant"

Corporate Welfare and The Art of Tax Dodging

Tax Cuts (A GOP foundational anchor) and Job Growth 

A Graphics For Our Times...... 

Social Media Hash Tag Watch....Are People seeking and sharing more Information about Gaza or Israel? 

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