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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bob Costas Joined Steve Kornacki on Fox ....... OOOPs... MSNBC



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Bob Costas appeared on Steve Kornacki's Up W/Steve Kronacki this past Saturday morning. I do not watch the show as it is aired far too early on Saturday morning.  More significantly, Kornacki has an air of inquisitive privilege that really gets under my skin from time to time. As an example of such manifest this past week as Kornakci in a fill-in role on another MSNBC completely went "Wolverine" with a White House official, White House Communications Director Jennifer Palimieri, about an opinion survey with President Obama approval ratings at a less than 45% level.   

We recognize TV News today is not truly TV news. Watching the MSNBC host attempt to wrestle some from of reserved defeatism from Palimieri was a bit over-the-top.

Take a moment and watch an interview Kornacki must have felt was good "gotcha" journalism. After the interview, I have linked a Tommy Christopher, The Daily Banter piece.
Christopher's "dead-on" piece in response to Kornacki's ratings hunting blown interview with Palimieri linked here.

Christopher has also published on weekend the Costas interview with Kornacki.

After watching the interview, a couple of items are clear. Kornacki and his producers knew exactly where Costas would go with his comments. On air television interviews rarely yield surprise responses from guest and pundit. The Rachel Maddow Rand Paul Civil rights interview stands as classic revealing regrading Paul's actually thoughts on Civil Rights. Another example of outside the script on-air performances emanates from Right-wing officials and pundits who respond to MSNBC interview request with clear plans to hijack the interview with what I call "Gish Gallop" ambush yelling accompanied by illogical inclusion of peripheral or non-related topics. (Case in point: Chris Hayes attempts to interview a director at the Koch Brothers Americans for Prosperity: Jennifer Stefano). 

Kornacki's producers and the host knew Costas would "go there." We respect the thought people should be responsible for their own well being. However, we place that respect in perspective against empirical evidence whites do factually have greater prospect for opportunity based on various degrees of bias, discrimination and flat-out racism. You have seen it, heard or sense it, and you like me know barriers exists.

Why Costas would feel free to open-up on MSNBC shows a level of contempt from progressive reporting that frankly startles. Does the media icon feel MSNBC should join CNN and Fox News in blasting the black community with various carefully nuanced broadcasts? Broadcasts so over-the-top crafted to poke at the black community while feeding the paradigm of whites who refuse to work towards open-mindedness and tolerance. When it comes to certain media, feeding their biased audiences with favored messages while raking-in the revenue takes precedent over news related broadcasting. I recall CNN Don Lemon's low class and specifically targeted attacks on some in the black community ("N" word, sagging pants and picking up trash). Lemon's points were point-on, however sitting as a six figure mouthpiece on CNN broadcasting to an vastly dominate older white audience relegated his word so ratings garnering minutia.

Of course, there is no need to address Fox New's propagandists like O'Reilly Hannity, Kelly, Van Sustren and the entirety of the morning "silly" show, Fox and Friends. The Fox values, mission and goals is clear. The fact it serves as acceptable media for millions is both tragic and nation killing. People who buy into the 24/7 propaganda crafted and delivered by Ruppert Murdock's millionaires cast votes for the GOP with primary concern for social issues.  

MSNBC's Kornacki is investigative by nature as evidenced by his revelations of Chris Christie's alleged malfeasance as Governor New Jersey.  Why Kornacki did not quickly question Costas about ways to deal with a problem he obviously views as a "black problem" is only perplexing only if you avoid thought of intent. 

Sweeping generalizations are dangerous and sad. Especially when delivered by celebrity icons. The Banter's Christopher captured a comment from Costas that is worth a bit of contemplation.
Costas said that “What people really want is a chance to repeat the same narrative,” rather than talk about “less comfortable truths” about race relations. What those “less comfortable truths” are is anyone’s guess, but he hinted at them a minute later. After drawing comparisons between Nixon going to China and some hypothetical conservative being sane about guns, Costas told Kornacki that even though the “narrative” of racist oppression of black people is, historically, “the overriding truth” and “the single greatest stain on our national history,”someone at MSNBC would have to be the left’s Nixon, and point out that “that narrative is much more complex now, and some of the issues that are afflicting black America are not the result of white racism.

Christopher aptly commented on MSNBC's programming choices.  Both Costas and Kornacki are white. Why couldn't the supposed progressive of networks consider inviting Costas to sit with Al Sharpton, Joy Ann Reid or Tamron Hall. The answer can probably be found in Kornacki's wish to broadcast on the topic.
Why couldn't the host ask Costas about admitted voter suppression from some in the GOP?  How is it possible to invite a message guy on air without data without probing employment statistics. The answer is simple. Did I not use the phrase, "message guy." Someone at MSNBC wanted to deliver a message without may regard for true journalistic integrity. The network also practiced a degree of "White Privilege" (as does Fox News on a consistent basis) via staffing the show with whites when the topic should best have been undertaken with a mixed race cast. 

We do not expect MSNBC to blanket run interference or "Moat" For the black community as Fox and the GOP "moats" for some whites and right-wing oligarchs. However, if the network relishes its fleeting viewership, it should recognize appealing to conservative whites as does CNN may not work for its business model. 

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