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Friday, July 11, 2014

Central American Immigrants An Obama Problem?


Vox on the Central American immigration/refugee crisis. The following video segment depicts the strife of people who risk a 1500 mile dangerous journey to the US border.


We at the TPI feel the 50,000 people fleeing their home countries are migrating (as refugees) for reasons that center on quality of life, to avoid abuse, to avoid rape, to avoid forced recruitment into crime. If we consider the 50,000 immigrants, each person who arrives at our borders (thus avoiding death during the journey) is based on the definition below factually a refugee. They should be granted the same rights as refugees from other nations who have arrived at our shores throughout the decades. On the other hand, we feel steps must be taken to stem the flow of refugees. Yet, we admit no ideas on how the US Congress and President Obama should enact such measures.

The Refugee
  1. a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster."tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes"

In May 1999 Migration News published a piece about unrest and war in Kosovo; a war that led to a spin-off of significant numbers of refugees. The article relates to the extent and number of refugees from the war, settlement of those who were displaced and 1999 reporting on status of the refugees.
In late April, the US agreed that 20,000 Kosovars could enter the US as refugees, eligible for welfare, housing and other resettlement assistance, if they had US relatives as distant as aunts, uncles and cousins. Legal US residents may also agree to sponsor Kosovars who are their relatives, with priority given to admissions from the 130,000 Kosovo Albanians in Macedonia. For more information, call 800-727-4420.  
After one year of US residence, the Kosovars could become legal US immigrants. Some Albanian-American groups were critical, noting that accepting the Kosovars as refugees sent the signal that they would be unlikely to return soon. The US has granted temporary protected status to about 3,000 Kosovars in the US when the bombing began. The US resettled 2.3 million refugees since 1975; most were from Vietnam and the former Soviet Union. The US, which anticipates 78,000 refugees in FY99, resettles more refugees than all other countries combined.
I must re-post the sentence above.
"The US resettled 2.3 million refugees since 1975; most were from Vietnam and the former Soviet Union. The US, which anticipates 78,000 refugees in FY99, resettles more refugees than all other countries combined."
It appears the vast majority of Central American refugees are also trying to reach what they feel is a safe haven with opportunity for a more secure life. Some are seeking life (period) against an alternative that is reported to be inhumane and unbearable. And that brings us to the ultimate tragedy....the immigrants have no idea the extent to which they are being misled.

Refugee migration to the United States has a sustained history with exception for the period of 1931-1950 (Great Depression, WW II and Korean Wars).

Notice the significant trend-up from 1981 through 2010. We could not locate a comparable graph to include 2011 - 2014.  I think it safe to assume the bar indicators for 2011 - 2014 topped the 12 million and 13 million mark.

How do refugees get to the United States and how do they stay or become forced deportees or returnee to their native country?

Obama "The BLAME?"

Accusations of Obama complicity in the current surge and influx is unfounded and doesn't stand well against facts.

We have record numbers of border patrol officers with an overwhelming majority of those officials along the US southern border. Note the Nationwide and Southern totals. 

Fact Check Dot Org published a piece in late June that very competently analyzed "blame:" Misassigning Blame for Immigration Crisis.

(Fact Check Dot Org has a Term of Service stating a preference for redistribution of their analyses via full re-posting. See after the page break

Reaction and inertia for Obama to act

Boehner (A House Speaker embarrassment)

Some Republicans are commenting and exhorting the president to act at the same time Boehner announced a lawsuit against Obama for taking action to facilitate successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Border State Democrats are also complaining with one Texas legislator completely bent out of shape regarding Obama not visiting the border region.

The question of National Guard troops along the border is unrealistic, over-the-top expensive and would closely resemble a police state.  Boehner and other Republicans recently indicated we have no money for advancing Veterans benefits, but they would surely spend lavishly to have armed troops at the US Southern border. Moreover, it should be noted Central American migrant are turning themselves in to Border Patrol agents. They are not running, they are not hiding and they are not carrying weapons. If  that is reality, why the National guard? We have to remember that John McCain and Lindsey Graham would leave those Guard troops on the border for "100 years." Our position on stationing Guard troops as adjunct to border patrol along the southern border?  Should not happen!  

The question of Obama visiting the southern border? Out of the question: unnecessary, a total photo op, an emotional tool to extract acquiescence from the Obama, and a landmine wrought with explosive impact on decisions related to the crisis. We also feel the photo op could be a major Secret Service security nightmare.

As Sean Hannity (gleefully) reported Cliven Bundy type militia is moving towards the southern border much like the infestation at the Bundy Ranch. We know how the Bundy Ranch confrontation ended. We also know of reports related to certain members of the flock, including the summary execution of two Las Vegas Police Officers. A consequence of roving militia; the roving draws some who are far more interested in firearm worship and hatred of the US government than the root cause of their infestation.  

The linked article (above) includes an alleged commander's comment of caution against armed violence. By nature, so-called militia are "bent-on" confrontation and the more zany followers seem to live outside the realm of people who live normal productive lives as contributors to society. The migration crisis is a serious issue. Yet, we fail to understand how the US Congress has ignored all issues related to immigration and are now wanton of passing the migration of "brown people" from the Central America as an Obama problem.

There has to be a GOP reckoning, one of these days.

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