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Monday, July 7, 2014

David Gregory, Meet The Press, Joined Conservaitves In "Chaisng The Dragon" On Obama Executive Action


“The lesson of these 236 years is clear – immigration makes America stronger. Immigration makes us more prosperous. And immigration positions America to lead in the 21st century.”
President Obama, July 4, 2012

While America's conservatives are spending an inordinate amount of time and energy seeking opportunity to show just how ugly they carry themselves, you and I are deluged with reminders of what we know as true. Conservative America is rabid and over-flowing with white nationalism and afflicted with extreme intolerance of all things non-Christian and people with gift of melanin as a physical component of skin. As the the matter of Christianity, I should clarify, they practice a form of American Christianity that seems outside the tenants of their Bibles.

One aspect of the current California protest against attempts to humanely house people who are fleeing stands as clear as the US Flags waved as a moniker of their disgust: "It is all Obama's fault." It would be easy to leave scrutiny of the Murietta California disgust in Southern California. The disgust spreads across the nation as thoroughly as an electronic blanket conveniently engaged via turning on Sunday Morning "Conservative" news shows.

The following Meet The Press segment with the king of conservative Sunday Morning TV, David Gregory, provided the perfect example.

Despite Gregory's libido driven efforts to blame President for 50,000 desperate souls sojourning to the United States, I cannot find any validation. Gregory and his producers/management team joins other conservatives in attempting to label Obama as over-reaching his authority via Executive Action. Why does Obama receive accusation of over-reaching his executive authority when he clearly falls shy of Executive Orders issued in his 5 plus years in the Oval Office?

If you prefer to restrict the review to modern times Vs the comprehensive historic view, take a more myopic look.

My question above the graphics of "why" has been addressed by a few liberal media personalities. One noted MSNBC host has on more than one occasion has adroitly stated his case on why the Right objects to tall things Obama. In mid-2014 Real clear Politics published a must read piece, that provides an answer to the question above.  As John Boehner threatens to sue the president for his exercise of executive action while Boehner's House sits on its recess vacations, I continue have difficulty in locating evidence of Obama's head-handedness. A visit to White House Dot Gov yielded nothing of the sort. 

As I visited the site, I sought a particular executive action that could lead to the impression Obama is behind the current influx of women and children from Central America. Again nothing stood out as a catalyst for the current influx of desperate women and children. 

First sighting on the White House website was a video related to Immigration Reform.

After the video I clicked through a series of pages titled posted.

  White House Dot Gov
Creating an Immigration System for the 21st Century
Cracking Down on Employers Hiring Undocumented Workers 
Earned Citizenship 
Continuing to Strengthen Border Security 
Streamlining Legal Immigration
After failing to find Obama's alleged path for the Central Americans, I decided to locate one of the many lies about Obama's culpability in enticing the hordes of migrants.  I found the perfect lie for the consummate Senatorial liar. Ted Cruz and his claim "Obama has promised amnesty (Politifacts)."

After reviewing Cruz'a latest....False, I followed my journalistic instincts and looked a bit farther. About Dot Com has archived a piece that delineates an Obama 2012 ruling regarding so-called "hardship waivers" for immigrants with family already in the States.

The new rule would allow family members of U.S. citizens to petition the government for the so-called hardship waiver before the undocumented immigrant returns home to formally apply for a U.S. visa. Once waivers are approved, immigrants can apply for green cards. 
The net effect of the change is that families will not endure long separations while immigration officials are reviewing their cases. Separations that lasted years now will take only weeks or less. Only immigrants without criminal records can apply for the waiver.
 Again failure! The ruling clearly relates to a specific population who have relatives in the States.

The search became frustrating and a challenge for my ability to perform a successful Internet search with results indicating Obama initiated the surge from Central America. Have you noticed the surge is not from our southern border neighbor Mexico? (For my conservative readers, the word "surge" is used in its classic context and not as the capitalized "S" Republican Iraq War military metaphoric noun "Surge"). Do you wonder why no surge from Mexico? Could the answer lie in manipulation and subterfuge in the host countries? An item for another post; I have a conspiracy theory on the Central American influx.

No the Dream Act did not induce the 'surge', the "ruling" did not induce the surge ultimately Obama did not induce the surge. The genesis of the surge reaches back to a presidency that continues to cast a dark cloud over the United States.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC-NOW, July 7th.

My failure to find specific acts that point to Obama as the catalyst to the influx from the south isn't a true frustration as the results were expected.

The Latino Rebels published a noteworthy, yet non-definitive piece about how the problem manifest.

The U.S.-Created Child Migrant Crisis

The New York Times has also published a piece the seems to echo (with more detail) the piece form The Latino Rebels. Hint: "Bushed"

Despite David Gregory's efforts to support conservative (GOP) political mantra and talking points related to allegations of Obama's culpability in the Central American 'surge simply is not based in fact.

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