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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dick Cheney Wants More Defense Spending And Less Assistance To Americans

 Photo: Liz Cheney is right. The Republican Party has zero solutions to the dry serious challenges facing America and the world.

Thanks to Democratic Underground.

While speaking at a Politico “playbook lunch” Cheney along with his wife, Lynne, and daughter, Liz gave Politico reporter Mike Allen a jingoist mouthful that should have induced a major sphincter contraction across the breadth of GOP leadership.

We are well past wonderment of why media grants Dick Cheney so much air-time, press and attention. He is the embodiment of all that is wrong in our nation. And, if we have experienced a US war criminal during the nation's 400 year history, it would be Cheney (as several Bush Administration war-hawks). Yet, the revenue focus of US media facilitates wrench the last Tyrannosaurus breathe from the crumbling war monger.  

Cheney's remarks and exhortation to forego programs for the needy and infrastructure programs is typically conservative, and an outright guttural thought.

Cheney with family in tow spewed pure militaristic garbage to  Mike Allen .
Cheney ripped Obama for having "dramatically reduced the military," and also called cuts at the Pentagon "outrageous.  
He also made a call for the next president to rebuild the military.
“Turn around the whole trend with the United State military,” Cheney said. “That ought to be our top priority for spending. Not food stamps, not highways, or anything else. Your number one responsibility as president is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. He’s the commander-in-chief and he’s absolutely devastating the United States military today.”

More Defense spending linked here.

Barack Obama is a constitutional scholar. His knowledge of the US Constitution and its crafters undoubtedly far exceed the single militaristic focus and conservative paradigm of Dick Cheney.

As you can imagine, Cheney's dogma and rhetoric chase me off to "Chart Land." First, know the Heritage Foundation has a plethora of chart and graphs as an archive from which conservatives can feed their paranoia. Herewith are a couple of examples of such.

In December 2012 The Daily Signal agonized over the imminent Federal Budget "Sequester." You will notice Heritage didn't bother to label Bush defense spending.

How about these Heritage charts with a slam against so-called "entitlement spending." 

Defense's Share of Federal Spending and Economy has been Declining
The substantial decline in the defense share of the budget largely reflects the dramatic growth of entitlement spending. Entitlements now account for around 65 percent of all federal spending and a record 18 percent of GDP.[11] The three largest entitlements—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—eclipsed defense spending in 1976 and have been growing ever since. If future taxes are held at the historical average, these three entitlements will consume all tax revenues by 2052, leaving no money for the government’s primary constitutional obligation: providing for the common defense.[12]
Entitlement Spending is Encroaching on the Defense Budget
A Heritage "Mother of Defense Spending Chart" with a focus on Obama defense cuts.

US Defense Budget History

Yes, defense spending is decreasing since World War II. The salient point is how much defense spending is necessary to ensure total destruction of an adversary or group of adversaries. Another consideration, is US defense spending inclusive of adequate INTEL expenditures to conduct cyber warfare and enact counter measures against.

While Russia is according to Jane's is increasing its defense/military spending, Americans should come to accept Russia is not a globe superpower. It is a regional power and stands a far second from China.  All said, the following sets of graphics illustrate to the absolute fallacy of the Tyrannosaurs Cheney's rhetoric and the mind-bending and fear filled quest by Heritage to disparage the Obama Administration.  

The International Business Times February 2014
2013 Defense Budgets, Top 20
As you can see from the chart below, the U.S. continues to be in the lead, by far, on defense spending. It spent 2.7 times more than China and Russia combined and it spent nearly 11 percent more than the 17 other countries combined.
U.S. Defense Spending compared to rest of world

In January of this tear, Nelsnewday published a piece with contrasting comparison of US defense spending and spending on budgets that provide assistance to less fortunate Americans.

We offer an excerpt from the piece for comparative perspective on US defense spending as a portion of international budgets.  Forty-eight of the world's military spending!
The military gets more than half of the budget–$573 billion for defense spending and $525 billion for non-defense discretionary spending. At 48 percent of the world’s military spending, the U.S. military budget is equal to the next ten countriesmilitary budgets combined. 
Now for a quick look at US Federal spending, via National Priorities.  

Mandatory spending is largely made up of earned-benefit or entitlement programs, and the spending for those programs is determined by eligibility rules rather than the appropriations process. For example, Congress decides to create a program like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. It then sets criteria for determining who is eligible to receive benefits from the program. The amount of money spent on SNAP each year is then determined by how many people are eligible and apply for benefits.

Discretionary spending refers to the portion of the budget that goes through the annual appropriations process each year. In other words, Congress directly sets the level of spending on discretionary programs. Congress can choose to increase or decrease spending on any of those programs in a given year.
This chart shows where the projected $2.56 trillion in mandatory spending will go in fiscal year 2015.
President's Proposed Mandatory Spending

Dick Cheney shows why the Bush Administration was the most jingoist administration in modern US History. We expect no less for Heritage. As the nascent quip goes, if Obama came out in favor of the necessity of unobstructed human breathing and airways, Heritage would posit for mass self strangulation.

The more relevant question is why does media continue to give airtime to a former vice president who left office with approval ratings in the guttier and who literally hid from the public for many years. If Cheney was such a credible vice president, why the need to hide from the public? Moreover, what has changed relative to Cheney that entices media interviews, joking (quick response questions) and images of his twisted oral cavity?

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