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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fox News Stumbled Into The Wrong Kid In Metroplis

July 9th, Fox News managers and producers reached to incite their predominately white baby boomer viewers with an issue that is seriously comparable to the color of eggshells in a hen's next.  How trite a topic and how shallow are people who simply do not demand more brainy entertainment from their entertainment network?   

As the early morning Fox and Friends show progressed the new set of legs  female addition to "The Couch",  Heather Nauert spoke about Illinois State University's recent decision to provide gender-neutral restrooms. The university's decision involved relabeling 10 "family" restrooms to "all-gender" restrooms. Basically the decision is an accommodation for transgender and gender-variant restrooms students who become subject to harassment.  We all know the genesis of and prevalence of such harassment. Of course, no one at Fox News would have any concern with such harassment. If we consider viewer preference we can assume the majority of Fox New's viewers may not have concerns about harassment.

Two points are critical to the consideration of the Fox News broadcast. First, and most important, Nauert misstated the university as Indiana State University. during the interview the leggy host mention the words "P.C" Police. Take a look and listen. Pay particular attention to the Fox and Friends men hosts who are off-camera providing early morning laughter and cackling.


OK, so it appears the segment satisfies the requirement of Fox New's "headline" roll call. It ran only 48 seconds and was obviously a quick tickle with potential for true broadcast. While the majority of news networks would probably avoid coverage of the Illinois State University restroom relabeling, there must have been an audience among Fox Viewers. Let's face it media plays to its viewers in the same vein as any service provider and its customers. Apparently, Fox News viewers feel society shouldn't evolve with demographic changes inherent with the passing of time.

On July 10th, Fox and Friends chief idiot, Steve Doocy, attempted to leverage the "P.C. thing" for viewers. Doocy stepped onto the street of New York city with the Fox and Friends idiocy and carefully crafted signage. 

Media Matters and the Fox News WWE like ridiculousness.

On July 10, Fox & Friends continued its criticism of the university's decision. Co-host Steve Doocy produced a massive mock-up of an "all-gender" sign and asked a group of "Fox fans" outside the studio what they thought the sign meant. 
But none of the fans, including a young boy, seemed to share Doocy's confusion or outrage over the sign:
The exchange was an awkward moment for Doocy, who was seemingly hoping to get a more negative reaction from the "Fox fans." One chyron during the segment read "Bathroom Boondoggle: Are New Gender Signs Just Too Confusing?": 

Doocy's co-hosts seemed equally surprised at the "Fox fans" unfazed reaction. Brian Kilmeade admitted "they're better people than us. I could not figure it out and we had the story in front of us. It makes no sense."
As Media Matters indicated in the piece., gender-neural restrooms is a humane accommodation that is common on college campuses. I posit such facilities will become even more available to people who feel they should have such a facility. Needless to say, the facilities are necessary in part based on bigoted harassment.

The sadness is truly in the domain of conservative bigots. How often have we seen and heard conservatives boo when hearing issues related to LGBT people? Do you recall the Army officer in Iraq who called to a conservative broadcast with resulting boo'ing?  How about congress woman Virginia Foxx stating on the House floor that Matthew Shepard was not tortured and killed out of anti-gay hatred? The one-of-a-kind member of congress spoke publicly that Shepard was the victim of a robbery: Seriously.  

University and other public facilities that work to accommodate all people do so in the spirit of fairness, compassion and they exhibit the better side of America. Fox News's ridicule of the accommodation is yet another example of how our nation will change for the worse if we are not politically aware, involved and proactive. If given the opportunity Fox News's leadership will become lock-step marching orders for GOP politicians as they take seats in state and federal legislatures.

If you feel the last statement was a bit over-the-top, think about John Boehner's being forced to respond to Fox News idiocy via Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin regarding impeaching president Obama. 

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