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Friday, July 4, 2014

Lessons In Racism: The Ugly Americans! Cuban "Refugees" And "Eastern Europeans" Did Not See The Ugly Side

"Go back to Mexico!"  
Not one of the 50,000 who have crossed the borders  is reported from Mexico.  
A chant that is taking on an air of USA white nationalism and a conservative"rebel yell."  ____________________________

An ugly episode that while the fault of money - grabbing operatives in Central America and failed Immigration Policy, is nonetheless, as ugly as it gets. This is how it looks. Murrieta California   Ugly, eh?
We have seen this before. While I am certain the mothers and chaperons on the Mureitta Homeland Security buses would have no knowledge of a time in 1961, history repeats itself. Of course, the conservative "USA, USA, USA" chant is a different animal than "Nigger Lover, Nigger Lover" there is a degree of connection. While the unsuspecting women from Central America have no idea of the real danger, rest assured the bus drivers and Homeland Security know the guttural possibilities of chanting and writhing mobs of whites and accompanying "differentiating: Latinos (the transformed and assimilated, "We are here, we have been here, and we are Americanized". Those particular protesters remind of "differentiator" African-Americans and "differentiator Arabs. They align with whites who when the end comes will turn on them as surely as they are racially different. They are not white.  We have seen this before..... (1961)
Mob attacks bus
And,  for some this is where it ends......   Entertainment for whites
As the Obama Administration weighs humane options for the humane treatment flocks of immigrants from Central America, consideration of temporary housing vs virtual prison internment is a problem. The 50,000 borders crashers are living in a manner no one should find acceptable.   
While thinking of the after life of people who have literally traveled the most precarious and dangerous journey imaginable, my mind fails to recall comparable journeys. A close second could be the harrowing journey of Cuban refugees who, for years, signed-on as boat people on insanely overcrowded rickety boats for touch the shore sprints to Florida. The women, children and infants from Central America also suffer a dangerous journey for opportunity to literally save lives and avoid forms of psychical abuse. Cuban refugees (As they were called) journey for a better life; the Central American "Illegal Immigrants/aliens", as they are being called, wish to escape a far greater horror.
We have posted a series of short news segments from NBC News as a backdrop of various reactions to the Central American sojourner problem.
Take a quick look and listen before the first set off quotes.   Murrieta Protest Leader 
"They're illegal aliens and they should not come here illegally. We have our own children to worry about,” Patrice Lynes told NBC News before a town meeting on the issue Wednesday night. "We want the illegal aliens repatriated to their own country." 

“An awesome moment for America” 
When we stand these despicable people up against the Cliven Bundy Klan (excuse the pun), I agree it was and awesome moment. A moment of disgust, race based nationalism, and disparate treatment. I do not for one second believe these same 'ugly" Americans would react similarly to buses of immigrants from Canada.

Murrieta mayor undocumented immigrant bus protests are free speech  
“And if it started here in Murrieta, so be it,” Long said. “It won’t be just one mayor or council member or a group of small protesters, it’s going to take an entire region, maybe an entire state, to send a message to fix the problem so that this doesn't land on the community’s doorsteps.”
Of, course the mob practiced free speech. It has become increasingly popular for "Red blooded/Apple Pie" Americans to use the most vile language and run to the sanctity of the US Constitution. Their child-like sanctity is nothing compared to those who co-sign their abuse as a form of paradigm validation via "Freedom of Speech." The moment someone with an opposite social/political point of view speaks out, a counter response from Fox News is a guaranteed program item. A counter response that becomes the conservative talking-point of the week.
MSNBC reported the Mayor of Murrieta may have actually incited the protesters to act.  

Activist groups have responded to the "USA, USA, USA" chanting crowd with "breathe of free air" counter comment.  
“What I saw was one of the worst things I’ve ever see in my life … we saw the worst of the American spirit," Enrique Morones, executive director of the San Diego non-profit Border Angels, said during a rally in San Diego. “These are migrants that are escaping a very violent situation in Central America, they simply want to live, and that’s how they're greeted?”
Observation! I do not recall such behavior (hatred and flag wing "USA, USA, USA" chants as our nation welcomed thousands fleeing genocide and violence in Eastern Europe. Wonder why? 
I will end the piece with a short piece from NBC News. Empathy for both sides of the migrant issue is warranted. The ugliness of the flag laden, stripped hat wearing USA chanters is as despicable as images posted above. Now, take the protest to another level with the prospect of a gun toting quack-job hiding on a bypass firing a weapon at the buses.  
Immigration border crisis.... Murrieta mayor blames protest chaos Obama and Congress
Immigration "blame" accepted with a caveat. Why blame Obama and the Congress when, like many other issues.  GOP congressionals have stymied immigration reform. If you think my assertions (Both direct and implied) regarding race and some in the white community are far-fetched, two things apply. First, you have never read a piece on this site before. Moreover, you may need a bit more convincing based on your reluctance to face an American reality.


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