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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Media Coverage Of The Israeli Palestinian War (Attack on Gaza)

Last week MSNBC immersed in an unexpected moment when Rula Jebreal broke the mold or the model and criticized US media coverage of the Israeli slaughter in Gaza. As Jebreal sat with one of MSNBC's young (viewer focused) lions, it seems her turn on-camera was seriously influenced by shows that preceded her appearance on The Ronan Farrow Daily. She was armed and ready to fire. And, she fired even naming Andrea Mitchell (who's show had just preceded Farrow's show) as exemplifying US media bias towards Israel.


A US bias towards the nation's only ally in the region is no surprise. If there is an American who does no know of US support for Israel, rest assured they are not a person who would read the TPI and not much else for that matter.  The salient point is US media broadcasting with an obvious lean towards Israel, a lean that contributes to less media coverage of the atrocities from the Israeli charge into Gaza. A charge supported by (bombing) drone attacks, artillery ordinance, and yes, F-15 or F-16 bombing. Of course, the Israelis are responding to Hamas rocket attacks that continue to threaten to annihilate Israel. 

We do not underestimate nor under-state the horror and seriousness of random rocket launches. We also recognize and deplore that reality of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli (or Jewish) hikers. Both existential impetus for the latest Israeli incursion. But, rational thinking must supersede what follows.  

A look at the carnage through 2013.

Washington Post ......Carnage from the 2014 attack in Gaza 
The conflict has killed more than 1,060 people in Gaza, more than 70 percent of them civilians, according to the United Nations. Israel has lost 48 soldiers, the largest toll since its 2006 war with Lebanon. Hamas mortar and rocket attacks from Gaza have slain two Israeli civilians and a Thai worker in Israel.

Children paying a terrible price in Gaza
US media coverage of the attack on Gaza, has to stand for a degree of criticism. Rula Jebreal's criticism was as correct as Hamas and Israeli Government culpability in the deaths of a thousand Palestinian (70 plus percent women and children) and 50 Israelis and a reported man from Thailand.

The latest evidence of bias reporting was disrupted this afternoon by a US reporter who possessed enough knowledge and journalistic integrity to report fairly and honestly. CNN's Brooke Baldwin hosted a segment with of all people, Newt Gingrich, and journalist Peter Beinart. The segment is over eight minutes, but you just watch and listen as a CNN conservative mouth-piece contributor, stumbles through the segment while Beinart provides accurate commentary. Gingrich ends the segment with typical reliance on "dog whistle" talking-points: "the rockets."

I realize television coverage includes cost considerations. If Gingrich was available for the segment and serves as a contracted employee, why not program for availability? Especially if the network producers were interested in a safe conservative perspective from one who does not hesitate to spew inane drivel upon request.

While the YouTube video has been taken down, Gingrich also is on record against North Korean missile tests.

Think Progress
GINGRICH: I don’t think North Korea should be allowed to launch missiles. I think we should take whatever preemptive actions are necessary. The idea that we’re going to suddenly be shocked one morning as one of these missiles has a nuclear weapon and does something that dramatically changes America I think is a very dangerous idea.
Year later the US Navy is testing a laser weapon system. Gingrich's fantasy was indicative of one who will say just about anything according to script.  I posit today's CNN interview was more of the same: Gingrich drivel while in pursuit of yet another voice for Israel.

Off the mark here?  Well, if you did not follow the TPI link above ("she fired") follow this embed to David Gregory's efforts to go pro-Israel.

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