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Monday, July 21, 2014

MSNBC Host Showing Signs Of Derangement Out Of Control


It is going to be one of those weeks at MSNBC. After this mornings utter silliness from the networks king of the early morning airways, other conservative hosts are drawing attention.

After Joe Scarborough, it takes but a second to segue to Chuck "you have a right to restrict the vote in Ohio" Todd, and you end at the conservative path with a dinosaur who exudes contempt for the Obama Administration with each show segment: Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell derangement for July 21, 2014 included open questioning of Congresswoman Diane Feinstein, about the presidents near-term travel and activity schedule. When a news host reaches out with contempt to attack Obama travel/fundraising, the host's motive shows like a Fox News lie. While Feinstein danced around the inane political question, one has to wonder what course would Mitchell advise for Obama. Would she suggest the president sit in the White House huddled with Biden as did Bush and Cheney throughout most of their eight years. While Bush vacationed like a a serial time-off fiend, when not at his "fake' ranch, he huddled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Does Mitchell fail to realize Obama has many technological tools that facilitate instantaneous notification and response? Or, and more to the point, does Mitchell simply wish to disrupt Democrat opportunity to counter Citizens United backed funding for conservative plutocrats? I suspect the latter.

While, Scarborough and Mitchell staked out the morning conservative punditry, Ronan Farrow Daily, host Ronan Farrow, stumbled into a landmine of emotion and rational thought from a guest. Rula Jebreal (of Palestinian and Italian ancestry and The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake involved in a straight forward an apropos dialogue regarding the Farrow theme "Casualties of War." Jebreal simply nailed US media, specifically the obviously Palestinian casualty indifferent Andrea Mitchell. Her comments also touched into MSNBC as well all US electronic media penchant for broadcasting with slant towards Israel.

Is this going to be a week with MSNBC conservative hosts show the shallowness and the level of asinine they will stoop in support of conservative America? It sure appears Scarborough and Mitchell have set a path.

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