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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obama as A "Doomed" President. Think Again With A Bit Of Data

Some on the Right and far too many Independents are singing the song of "doom" for President Obama. Despite his record as the most active President since FDR (and possibly more active in act initiatives and measures through Congress), Obama continues to catch the negative side of reporting.

One noted Republican who works as news director at MSNBC, literally declared the president's administration "over" based on an NBC/WSJ poll of slightly over 1,000 respondents. If you think the number is a standard sampling number, factor-in the reality that a majority of those polled fell into demographic groups that historically vote Republican.

Chuck (with libido rhetoric intact) Todd. 

Chuck Todd as an MSNBC news director is encouraged, and allowed, to declare a presidency "over?" Before we moving to the NBC/WSJ poll, a quick word on Todd: "....he is hardly a neutral news director."

We now have another media/poll related kerfuffle. Quinnipiac has polling results with Obama as the "worst" and the "fourth best" president since WW II. 

The Quinnipiac poll has questions that are starkly divergent relative to Obama's leadership. Survey results indicate findings from demographic groups with respondents who were not alive during the period in question. Asking a millennial about Obama as a pros'best' president against president as far back as Richard Nixon nature survey  that yielded results that are almost comical. The Daily Banter's Tommy Christopher and Bob Cesca have addressed the Quinipinac pollThe Daily Banter again provides stellar reporting on an issue critical the nation, and I will admit to bias towards their position. People buy into poll result reporting without seeking information related to the respective polls. Christopher reports the respondent group was, again, filled with white males. According to Cesca's five points of ridiculous regarding the Quinnipiac poll, number four reads as follows. 
4) Consider the source. As Tommy pointed out yesterday, most of the respondents were white conservative men. No wonder the results are so wacky.
People are influenced by poll reporting along the same line as we are influenced by media reporting. When media grabs polling results that cannot stand as credible after basic scrutiny of survey tool methodology, media effectively becomes mere propagandist.

President Obama stands tall as an effective leader who has not only kept the US out of more wars, his policy and economic team pass the test of competent and effective. 

As you review the following economic data (graphs and charts), I ask you to remember GOP lack of interest in the Obama Stimulus, GOP aversion to loans to the auto industry (excluding Ford Motors), and GOP lack of support for the unemployed who may have become unemployed via GOP economic policy.

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Ending on a purely economic note often doesn't impact people who have little to no interest in data they feel doesn't affect their every day lives.  Please Cut The Crap Blog has a list of 245 accomplishments attributable to Obama and his advisers and policy team. 

Singing the song of doom for Obama, is singing with false verse. Alternative administration from the Right means re-establishment of Trickle Down economic policy, tax cuts that disproportionate benefit the wealthy, insensitivity against those who become unemployed, and regressive social policy that directly oppresses minorities and women.

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