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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Q2 Gross Domestic Product Growth! Good News For Americans; Bad News For The GOP

Graphic via WSJ

When the economy news rings-up as in Q2 2014, I have no need to comment. Yet, I will say, think of where these numbers would be if we had the GOP in the White House with the only economic strategy was "cut taxes" and give more tax breaks to TOP 20 percenters and corporations.  

Think of Chrysler and General Motors uber GOP Leadership. Think of manufacturing under the GOP.

Think of 20 million people enrolled in the ACA or medical coverage related to the ACA.

It takes people spending to fuel growth of 4% to GDP. We are seeing positives in the economy with no legislative help form the GOP! 

It seems the Obama economy policy and practices are working and momentum is picking-up. Do you really want to give the GOP ammo to fight against an improving economy by turning congressional seats over to Boehner and McConnell.

Let's make Cantor's departure a mere top of the Iceberg. We have too much to lose to allow uber wealthy money brokers and the regressive GOP opportunity revisit 2008.2009 Bush policy; it is the only policy they know. 

gdp data 073014

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