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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rand Paul Denies Previous Anti-Civil Rights Act Comments!

Liar, Liar!!!!
The latest on Rand Paul and his "so obvious" political charade.  Paul spoke with a reporter with full denial of his past comments regarding personal issues with the Civil Rights Act of 1965.  Paul denies his comments.  I suspect he will say he did not comment as was put to him via the CNN reporter.

Well, that is typical of one who makes a habit of shiftiness and skirting issues: "Lying." Paul's recent past includes this:

GOP Outreach The TPI Juy 27, 2014
Only one very visible GOP politician has undertaken a personal campaign to snooker black voters: Rand Paul (R-KY). A politician who has publicly declared to a group of medical students his affinity for "misinformation." In late 2014 Paul spoke to a group of University of Louisville medical students. The National Journal published a piece about Paul's flip ,but revealing response to an innocuous softball question. If you skipped the National Journal piece, you simply must do a quick read of a piece from the Daily Kos's Hunter. 
Rand Paul first attempt at minority outreach ran-up against a brick wall as he visited with a Howard University audience (the nation's first black college). Speaking before the audience was positively noteworthy after Paul ("the younger") followed his father down an anti-Civil Rights path (via the well circulated Rachel Maddow interview Part 1Part 2). The manner in which Paul approached the audience was typical white privilege and strikingly way off-base. 

The following Rachel Maddow piece thoroughly covers the various nuances of Paul's "charade." Before, the segment I will state, I have left all references to Paul's "serial" plagiarism out of the piece.

Rachel Maddow.....

Maddow and Paul Deux!

Be aware if the Trojan Horse!  

I am actually seeing and hearing Left leaning pundits extolling the virtue of "someone in the GOP" talking like the Neo-convenient libertarian/conservative Rand Paul. I find it both amazing and tragic our social and political state has deteriorated to the level of pundits buying into Paul's subterfuge.

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