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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rula Jebreal (Palestinian-Italian journalist) Asserts TV Appearances Cancelled!

Could the following MSNBC interview segment have led to cancellation of future "TV appearances" of the outspoken and frank Rula Jebreal (Palestinian and Italian) journalist?

Surely Jebreal has to be off-base! During a period when some Russia Today journalist are showing signs of weariness  of "canned propaganda" being passed off as news, US media wouldn't be caught stifling open dissent.

Rula Jebreal's cancellation comments were captured in a piece from Talking Points Memo.

Her comments were "point-on", apropos and timely. If Jebreal's assertion or speculation is true, we have confirmation of universal media support for Israel over the concerns and well being of the Palestinians. "indiscriminate rocket launching into Israeli cities is a serious problem, yet the counter measures seem heavy handed and appear horrific. 

Isreali optics often leaves one in a state of wonderment. "How can this be?"  

Racist squatters shout and humiliate at a Palestinian woman.
Reported as "Squatters" harassing a Palestinian woman. I left the word "racist" off this caption. It was part of the original caption. 
I recall the US South and efforts to desegregate all white schools and colleges.

And this...Israeli women attacked a Palestinian woman waiting at a bus stop. The Palestinian woman's head cover was removed.


Palestinian assailed by Israeli women, stripped of hijab

(Al-Akhbar English)
A Palestinian woman waiting at a light rail station in Jerusalem on Monday was attacked and stripped of her headscarf by religious Jewish women, Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported Tuesday. 
According to bystanders, a young Jewish woman punched the Palestinian suddenly as she was passing by the station. A friend of the assailant began aiding her in beating the Palestinian, pushing her against the wall, and ultimately ripping off her headscarf. 
The Palestinian was accompanied by an old man who tried to push the attackers away to no avail.
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| | BREAKING Group of Israelis beat a Palestinian woman and remove her Hijab at a train station today

Another example with a kid actually kicking a Palestinian woman.  

We have avoided publishing the horrific images of the current Israeli incursion into Palestinian held territories. The images are readily available via a Google search and the images are unavoidable on social media. We choose for now to forgo the images of twisted and dead children and bombed-out hospitals.

While we have no way of validating Jebreal's assertions about US media, the following image induces curiosity and the potential for validation of her claims.

ilovecharts:Who Owns What You Are Watching?

How much effort would it take for uber powerful supporters of Israel  stifle open and candidate remarks from news show guests? If you cannot see the possibilities, you are figuratively wearing carriage horse eye covers. Your view is narrowly focused and it is focused in a direction dictated by one who only wants your viewing from specific angles. How far fetched to imagine a behind the scenes power-broker simply placing a "take-down dissent" call to any or either member of the Board of Directors, CEO, or major share holder of either of the corporations above.

Far fetched. Ask Mitt Romney! He feels corporations are people and the SCOTUS seems to feel same thus only six people" have the power to take Rula Jebreal off the airways.

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