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Thursday, July 24, 2014

So You Think Hiring Discrimination Does Not Exist? You Think Blacks Would Rather Not Work?

  Do you ever wonder about why so many minorities show as unemployed?  Do you buy into the argument for people like Paul Ryan, that "Inner City" males may not wish to work?

Do high tech social media and Internet corporations show hiring practices similar to the vast majority of US corporations? Could what you are about to see be laid simply (and carelessly) to "Well, they are not qualified."

As a former Human Resources executive for Fortune 250 corporations over a 35 pus year period, I have seen it, I have heard it and I know it.  The words above are mere smoke-screen for factually hiring based in familiarity and comfort.  

Answer a quick set of questions. When you see your new neighbors unloading their moving van and you notice they are not white people, how would you react...(your initial thought)?  When you see a black person walking through your normally all white neighborhood, how do you react? Do you react?  Do your quickly think in terms of a possible decrease in your property value?  How about any thought of impact on school districts in your community.  Any thoughts of pending crime even if the average cost of homes in your community is well above $250,000 per home unit?  Alas, the thought of crime, and I will wager never have you sought any public information about people with child abuse records who data shows live with a short walk of drove. 

Your answers could be revealing.  If you honestly answered any of the preceding questions such that the sight of the new resident conjures up trouble, lowered property values, a developing ghetto, of the need for armed guards in or driveway, do you really believe you are fair and balance in considering candidates for employment without regard to race. Actually, I choose dire potential manifestations of human behavior and drastic examples of how some react to immediate infusions of dissonance in their lives.  Hiring practices are more often than not influence by far more subtle aversion to fair and open hiring.  Basically, if you are not comfortable with proximity to people who are different than you or your perceptions of normality and comfort, you will accomplish your hiring mission as do most people. You hire for comfort and your perception of familiarity.  Hiring people is a dynamic process that if left to individuals without careful training and monitoring will result if sterile work environments regarding race, gender and sexual orientation.  

From personal experience, I cannot recall the number of times I literally heard outright racist (In some cases subtle and cloaked) or sexually biased comments from white males charged with filling positions. I do recall many times when I heard comments like, "Oh he reminds me of me when I was young." Another more prevalent comments: ".....but she will have to be out of work to for family reasons."   

Yahoo's workforce data published earlier in the year may have surprised some.  I found the data mirrored the reality of hiring practices in the United States.  

A look at Google.....

White guys (Don’t do it): Google searches for a more diverse workforce



Interesting.  Could the numbers be an anomaly with Google standing as the only non-diverse high-tech Internet based corporation (Social media).  

June 2014 The Human Resources Online (Yahoo)

Yahoo’s diversity numbers aren’t great either


Similar to Google’s employee breakdown, most of Yahoo’s workforce is white and male. 
“Overall, our goal at Yahoo is to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains all talents, regardless of background, and to help our people grow to their full potential,” Jacqueline Reses, Yahoo’s chief development officer, wrote on the company’s Tumblr page.
She added Yahoo is committed to “attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce”, and that the organisation needed a team which understood and reflected it’s diverse user base.
Now for a look at an internet toddler that has become a veritable news sharing (among many additional sharing opportunities) platform for  billions: Twitter.

I have read Jesse Jackson may have contributed to Twitter's diversity data release.

Twitter via Mother Jones and USA Today

Building a Twitter we can be proud of - here’s our diversity data to date. 


USA Today: A comprehensive look across an industry, Linked here.

What is in this information for me (WIIFM)?  

The answer is simple. Internet based corporations market a product and services used by billions. Industry corporation earn billions upon billions while providing jobs (in the hundred thousands). Isn't it fair and correct to expect that such widely used services provide a fair and open work environment regarding hiring practices?

If you can find any way to answer the last question with any response other than, "Well, yes it would be more fair and equitable," You have wasted about ten minutes of your day and you are an enabler. An enabler who will eventually find discrimination in your family and you will be offended. Your family does not include all white males.  

In The United States, racism and discrimination in the workplace spans and exudes from the gutter such as this..... worker-records-racist-supervisor-in-cotton-gin what you read above. So, let's not wrongly assume work environments comprise of the less educated (employees through management)  stand alone as 'Houses of Discrimination."

Oh, let's not simply pick on Internet based companies.

How about this?


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