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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rick "OOOPS" Perry

Ignominious is a strong word. We have little reticence in using the word when conservatives lend themselves to wearing it as a collar.
adjective: ignominious
  1. deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
    "no other party risked ignominious defeat"
    synonyms:humiliating, undignifiedembarrassing, mortifying; 

Rick Perry is a man who is obviously is not very intelligent. It is not our standard practice to point to the intellectually deficient beyond reporting on the inimitable Sarah Palin. Yet, we simply must post an ABC interview from this weekends "Conservative Sunday Show Fare." Perry was obviously invited on the show to facilitate the very foray into all-out ignorance displayed at the end of the segment.

Perry continues to rail about an idiotic assertion that only a moron would find palatable. President Obama is a core conspirator in the current migration of women and children from Central America.  

Before the segment, allow a quick question. How the hell does President Obama gain from the influx? How could the intellectually deprived Perry find the immigration issue as an acceptable issue during a mid-term election year.

Perry in a Sunday opportunity even ABC found "nutty" and worthy of pulling the plug. After the segment, I offer a thought that for me bares far more merit than Perry's insanity.

If there is conspiracy associated with the influx of Central American immigrants trodding across the span of Mexico, I posit looking a little closer to home.
How much money do you believe GOP operatives and dirty tricksters would spend to plant the seed of amnesty once the immigrant touche the US border. How far fetched is the thought of GOP dirty tricks as we consider past US History? Finally, do you believe the GOP via would resort to any low-life measure to win in the fall elections?  The latter questions a "slam-dunk."


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