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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where Have The United States And Israel Gone?

Where have they gone.....

Both nations are following a Hamas Judas Goat into a future of hatred and war against Israel. And that means you and me will pay to fund future defense of Israel and sit on the precipice of wider conflict and terrorist acts.
  1. Golda Meir Former Prime Minister of Israel

    Golda Meir was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, politician and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel on March 17, 1969, after serving as Minister of Labour and Foreign Minister.  Wikipedia
And, some of us wonder what turn the United States of America took to move our nation to where it is today. Yes, America is not the same nation as during the years after WWII, through the 1950s and 1960s and into the dark years of Richard Nixon with a social tether to the Reagan years. US politics has without question worked to divide the nation, and has given life to millions who have metastasized in social elitist with a common ethnicity. Many of those denizens have devolved into gun worshiping, intolerant, 'false' Christians bent on shaping the nation in their likeness. They are people who are to the person represented by a political party that has cantled into an anti US government 

Where has Israel gone?

As I have observed the plethora of negative press from Israel I have grown to find this man a distasteful robotic functionary who reminds me of a former life that span over 40 years of my life.   

Mark Reyev, spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister
He reminds of the heartless and powerful who would not hesitate to follow orders regardless of impact of fellow human beings  He reminds of the cold "hitman" who served the Godfather in any way necessary for favorable standing in the "Family." He reminds of the obedient underlying who would only smile when in the presence of his "Caesar." He also reminds of the mindless and heartless corporate manager who would perpetrate the most heinous acts to garner favor from those who signed off on his bonus. If you have ever worked above the level of supervisor in corporate America you know of his likeness.

If you recall his likeness, and was not in fact the very caricature yourself, did you find him likable, human and compassionate. The question is rhetorical, I know the answer.

Alas, he reminds of the perfect fictional Hannibal Lecter.......

My points regarding Reyev is not to disparage the person. My points relate to the man as the embodiment and face of what I see today from Israel. He seems to serve as more than an official spokesman; he is the face of the horror.

Among the beautiful flowers.
Israelis take cover from a Palestinian rocket attack from Gaza during the funeral of Israeli soldier Meidan Maymon Biton, which was held at a cemetery in Netivot, Israel, on Tuesday, July 29. Three weeks into the Gaza conflict, fighting between Israel and Hamas is intensifying, the death toll is climbing and Israel has warned its citizens to be ready for a prolonged battle.
Beneath the rumble.
Palestinians dig a body out of the rubble of a destroyed house in Gaza during the cease-fire on July 26.
Palestinians dig a body out of the rubble of a destroyed house in Gaza during the cease-fire on July 26.
While US media is sitting on opposite sides of the war coverage, CNN seems to have adopted the invasion as its latest "cash cow." The network proves all the optics we need to satisfy our curiosity about war. Wolf Blitzer has become nothing more than a conduit for Israel's invasion with broadcast that seem to top the previous broadcast with inane interviews and false sensationalism regarding tunnels. 

MSNBC?  Our beloved MSNBC provides day time coverage and thankfully the network leaves the blood and gore to CNN. But, there seems to be something missing from MSNBC's coverage once the kerfuffle surrounding Rula Jebreal subsided. Other than the morning show conservatives who seem to support the invasion, the evening liberals are noticeably quiet regarding the invasion. Before I move on, reports have it Andrea Mitchell is moving her over-the-top support for Israel right along with Blitzer with in country reporting. 

Back to CNN.....

CNN's Jake Tapper is one journalist who has come head-on in questioning and challenging the massacre that is occurring in Gaza. Tapper's probing is a breathe of fresh-air as I consider other coverage from his network. CNN seems to reach back to the first night of Bush's Iraqi War and Bernard Shaw's bone jarring reports from his hotel room vantage point. While Anderson Cooper and Carol Costello will look straight into the camera and lambaste the heavy-handed bombing in Gaza, Anderson's producers also do not fail to hit other attention garnering aspects of the invasion. Yes, CNN is the place to be if you have a jingoist side that relishes the bombastic aspect of the invasion.

It is important to see how Hamas and Israel are actually shaping a horrific future for Israel. Sadly, as Israel goes so does the United States.

The Horror! Tapper and Reyev......... No real answers, but segments such as this may hep to being the horror to an end.
And, tonight two prime-time MSNBC shows expended minutes in discussion of the Right's attack on abortion.

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