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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Mid-August Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree Sorgasord

 Obama performing badly?  Up from the economic abyss!
 Why do companies sponsor such a disgusting putrid person?
I so seriously tire of Hillary Clinton.  While Gore fell to voter suppression and Florida vote shenanigans, Hillary and her husband must remember Gore distanced himself in 2000.  We cannot afford to have the Clintons handing the 2016 General Election to the GOP
Well now wait a minute, Fox!  I see a FLOTUS who rivals the "Legs" on the Fox News couch. The word "Legs" is vernacular for Fox News's penchant for skin on the set.

In the images above, Michelle Obama has the physical makeup to facilitate wearing sleeveless outfits. You will notice a distinct waistline and a physical makeup unencumbered by extra pounds.  We will leave Fox News's Couch silliness at that point.

And, the GOP has issues with the ACA? Seriously?  Are you allowing your representative to wok to eliminate the ACA?

 This is how the GOP wins elections.  Just think, voter suppression contributed to Bush's win over Gore in 2000.  Enough said?
And the GOP chases away the black vote under guise of voting irregularities. When will America wake-up to the pathetic scope and breadth of the GOP?
North Carolina's model conservative and GOP official,  And, he ranted about depriving black people the vote.
Despite our various degree of social comfort of lack there of, some in our nation must walk a bit ore gingerly.

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