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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Affordable Care Act Twitter Tree and a Peep At Social Security and Medicare

June 2014 The Graph Updated
 Grab Bag.....Native Americans
 Grab Bag: Sign of the times: @MNsure having trouble finding uninsured people!

Maryland after a rough start!
California: What was that about still being unpopular?
 Arkansas: 2015 premium rates may DROP by 3.5%!
Cleaning Out the In Box: Arkansas' uninsured rate drops 45%
@SharylAttkisson posted an absurd graph. I've corrected it for her.
Least-Shocking News of the Day: Uninsured admissions down 50% in Medicaid expan states
A little 2013 icing on the ACA SignUps via AARP. Check out the fact sheet and recall, your GOP wants to take a knife to both employee contributory programs. Millionaires want to push and me over a cliff.

 Social Security

The Importance of Social Security and Medicare

Individual State Profiles

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