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Sunday, August 31, 2014

CBS News Offers McCain A Bash Obama Platform!

McCain: Egyptian Coup Example Of Failed American Leadership
....  Seriously McCain?
Earlier today I published this piece......

While I was unaware of specific booking and McCain, I was confident he had a perch on ether a cable news network (Fox New), CBS (Face The Nation) or NBC's (Meet The Press) with the ever critical Andrea Mitchell blowing her elderly horn of anti-Obama rhetoric.  

CBS won the prize and continued McCain's his every Sabbath opportunity to deliver personal contempt for a president who has kept the nation out of wars. The irascible and singularly focused senior citizen speaks to conservative who flock to the Sunday Morning shows while the majority in the nation have only fleeting interest in US involvement in conflict that even remotely resembles boots on the ground. Yet, CBS offers McCain an opportunity to vent, rant ad literally make a fool of himself. 

We must never forget CBS executives reached to a former Fox News executive in 2011 to head its news division. Now, can you tell me why CBS executives would reach to a network that actually doesn't deliver news?  Fox is a tool of American conservatism and a media outlet for the GOP. Yet CBS found cause to hire David Rhodes as president of its news division. Before we move on, be aware that Rhodes joined Fox in 1996 immediately after college and has grown to full-fledged propagandist under one media umbrella. An umbrella owned by Ruppert Murdoch and run by Roger (I hired Palin because she was hot) Ailes. Alas a commitment to journalism only surpassed by managers at the Playboy Network. 

McCain on David Rhodes's Face The Nation

On Wednesday of this week, Kathy Frankovic, Today.YouGov, published a piece with poll results indicating a specific group of survey respondents feel ISIS is a greater threat that Al Qaeda. If that statement surprised you, you ave been travelling around the earth in a space capsule over the past two months. Strategically released video of mass killings, wanton blood letting, be-headings, and direct threats against the US, have placed ISIS as an international threat beyond discussion. The YouGov survey also yielded results President Obama has slipped regarding perception of foreign policy.  Yet, the Economist/YouGov Poll survey respondents mixed results for direct US involvement in Syria. 

YouGov is an internet survey tool. Such surveys do not fare well relative to accuracy and veracity. However, over the past few elections YouGov has polled well. I ordinarily to do not refer to pools if I cannot review methodology and demographics related to survey respondents.  The referenced survey is missing methodology linkage. However, it seems ISIS has propagandized into the US psyche.

Personally, I find it both refreshing and reassuring President Obama is not charging into a war in the Middle East without careful deliberation and thorough planning.  We only have to look back over the last half of the 20th Century to see how careless jingoism and wanton attacks in foreign lands backfire on the US. If you need a more myopic view of the careless of American policy from the Right, think of how the Bush/Cheney wars damned near led to the literal death of the United States. 

John McCain is a war-hawk who would attack New Jersey if he felt a threat from more residents than controllable by the states governor. As stated in the piece linked above m McCain has never witnessed an international conflict without espousing US involvement. Well, I stand corrected, I do not recall McCain preaching about the genocide in Rwanda and I do not recall his aggravating to free the 250 plus schools girls kidnapped a few months ago.  Wonder why?

I may have missed this point as I viewed the David Rhodes/Major Garrett/ McCain interview, but why no question about McCain's personal meeting with the leaders of ISIS?

I realize the Sunday Morning News shows are an extension of the American conservative psyche, but network executives should attempt to portray some modicum of journalistic integrity. Integrity that would include the posing of questions to a man who could have been ISIS first American victim. Of course, we know McCain was safe with the terrorist as their mission was to secure bugger and more powerful arms from the US to allegedly fight against Assad.  How gullible is McCain and how facilitating is CBS News?

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