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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CNN Jumps To "Josie's" Story. Think About The Story!

There is a problem here. "Eyewitnesses are Horrible witnesses." Yes, well.........the point as it relates to the murder of Mike Brown?
I sought the following segment last night; CNN apparently posted the segment overnight. The segment, for me, is very disconcerting to put it mildly.

Brooke Baldwin shares the camera with Mark O'Mara (in studio), George Zimmerman fame (Trayvon Martin murderer), and Don Lemon on location in Ferguson, Missouri. A key message from the segment is, "eyewitnesses to criminal acts are unreliable." Really? I distinctly recall O'Mara calling such(alleged) witnesses during his freeing of George Zimmerman. 

Even more disturbing, CNN managers and producers booked O'Mara for the segment after the "Josie" audio tape came to light. A woman friend of Darren Wilson (shooter) spoke about what she says happened during the incident that ended with the death of the 18 year old.  It should be noted, again, The woman wasn't a witness and may have recanted a story she heard from others, or a story given to her by the shooter. Why is her call even relevant? If it is not a hoax, as the Ferguson authorities attest, why is it a leap to assume the story was handed to the caller. "Handed" it the caller or not, the salient point is, why does CNN immerse in casting suspicion light on actual witnesses to the murder, while wrapping segments around "Josie" (no last name given) call? 

You can "beat me, whip me and make me feel cheap, but please do not play me for stupid!" Brooke Baldwin continued with her show and due to CNN broadcast model repeatedly used the audio has evidence of support for Wilson. She even introduced the next segment via use of the word "taunting" to describer the callers comments about Brown saying, "You won't shoot me." If you live in America and are not consumed with conservatism or far right degrees of Libertarianism, you have to know the fallacy of "You won't shoot me." Especially when spoken from the mouth of a young black man to a cop armed with at least eight devices of personal destruction.

Give the segment a few minutes of your attention. Form premise inception through end of the segment, the CNN's coverage and message seems very flawed and misleading.

From that segment Baldwin moved to the following segment. While not part of the link and embed Baldwin introduced Lemon's segment with the word "taunting." She has no rational reason to have bought into the caller's story, beyond a desire to advance CNN coverage.

Don Lemon, CNN.. "The radio caller!"

I will compliment CNN and MSNBC on coverage of the Ferguson civil unrest as a backdrop to the unquestioned execution of the 18 year old. I offer the words of praise with a great deal of askance about CNN's foray into blanket acceptance of the caller "Josie" as credible. I also question any onsite reporter would would offer tear gas is an acceptable measure and to do so Carte Blanche as has one CNN Reporters (Name escapes me).

We will continue to follow the story, as it points to a complete breakdown civil cohesiveness The real tragedy it starts with a killing that could have been avoided and a killing that lines-up (excuse the cop pun), with other evidence of increasing heavy handedness from police on the street.

Maybe if we see more of this, more Americans will accept police brutality. The woman in the video was not even wearing shoes. Her initial kick of the cop would not have landed much beyond the impact of a pat on the back.

Maybe, just maybe the rest of the nation will awaken to increasing militarization of local police and a tendency to comedown with deathly abuse on some citizens.

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