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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cops Shoot 18 Year Old. Unarmed?

Black teen shot and killed while unarmed. AoL uses a headline that seems intent on easing the horror of it all.

AoL News and multiple other media are reporting on a shooting of an unarmed teenager in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Nothing new, eh, happens everyday and at times makes national headlines via court cases. You say it happens all the time in urban environments and you relish in your remoteness from the killings.

What happens when the shooter fired possibly 10 rounds and the shooter was a cop? Details of the shooting are slowly emerging, but as expected the police chief in the following video is typically vague.  

Despite my use of the AoL post, I ask that you closely read the headline. Eighteen years of age might allow voluntary enlistment in the military, but does not constitute consideration of the victim as full adult. AoL might have been less culpable in its utter disregard for the killing of the youth if the word "teenager" had been part of the headline.

Killing of unarmed Missouri man draws criticism

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