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Monday, August 18, 2014

Executed: Autopsy Report, "Josie", CNN, Michael Brown

A diagram from the autopsy shows entry and exit wounds.

Could the young man have felt pain?  Dr. Baden said he did not suffer. Well......

I seriously disagree with Dr.Baden assessment of "no pain and suffering."  The young man had to know after four shots to his right side, his minutes on earth were numbered. He had to feel that pain in his arm, and if the eye shot did not kill him, how is it he could not have felt pain? And, that all means suffering.

Before we move on, how about a non-diverse crowd that resembled a tea party protest staged a support forum for the killer cop. 

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Of course, and CNN is one network that is surely providing off-hand support for Darren Wilson, Ferguson police "judge and executioner." I will not assert CNN;s coverage equals Fox News excitement oriented virtual celebration, but CNN is blundering regarding the call from the woman: "Josie."

While watching the network this afternoon (to avoid MSNBC's The Cycle), I heard the CNN host Brooke Baldwin report a local radio station received a call form a woman who provided comment about Darren Wilson's execution of Michael Brown. Before introducing Don Lemon's on-air at the scene presentation of the audio, Baldwin read reports from the audio tape. She specifically mentioned the woman who called-in knew Baldwin. She also mentioned Wilson had gone through diverse a year ago.  Baldwin pointedly stated (via her writers and producers) the account from the woman was exactly as that Wilson had given to his Ferguson Police cohorts and management. OK, is there anything there that seems a bit "helter-skelter?"  

Hell yes, the police would collaborate the story as the same given to them by Wilson. Wilson gave the accounting to the woman. Did he not give the same story to his cohorts? What is it about the woman's choice to call a specific radio station, gives her accounting any level of veracity beyond Wilson's brain and words? Would she call the station if Wilson told her, "Yeah, I pumped the kid fulla lead!" During the course of a few minutes, Baldwin, Marc (I GOT ZIMMERMANN OFF) O'Mara, Don "Give me viewers at any cost" came to the conclusion eyewitnesses are often not credible witnesses to crime. May I glean from that set of discussions CNN was setting the stage for discrediting three witnesses to Mike Brown's murder? (One eyewitness to the killing and her after the shooting video) (Another eyewitness to the execution A; B, CDid they dare do so while reporting on a "woman" (maybe even Wilson's girl friend) who calls a radio station?

During the following segment, you will also hear a couple of points that do not seem to stand under rational and intelligent scrutiny.  The "woman" said Wilson approached the two teens and said, "hey guys on the sidewalk and out of the street." I can assume that if I were to seek Ferguson Missouri community laws and policy I would find it is against the law to walk down Ferguson streets. Would I be in danger of being shot by Ferguson cops if I walked by dog down their streets to ward-off the animal popping in a resident's yard? The woman mentioned Brown punched Wilson in the face while the cop was seated in his SUV and Brown's companion grabbed for the cops gun.  OK, no comment just yet.  She caller alleged the gun discharged during the SUV struggle, after which Brown and his companion stared to run from the SUV.  Then I heard the most illogical and insane statement I have heard other than any statement on Fox News in many years. The "woman" stated Brown and his companion eventually stopped running and turned to face the armed cop with the following comment from Brown, "You are not going to shoot me." After that, I believe the "woman went on to state Brown and the other guy verbally ridiculed the cop (Hence taunting). Folks, we live in the United States of America, the prospect of any young black male or for that matter any black person saying such is as far fetched as expecting Fox News to seriously question the execution of young Mike Brown. 

CNN producers did not include Baldwin's remarks as she introduced the following segment. I will report it took less than five minutes and comment from O'Mara about the lack of veracity of eyewitnesses to label Brown and his companion as "taunting" the killer cop. Lemon opens his segment with "I'm OK, You're OK" like agreement with O'Mara. One would think the on- site reporter would much more carefully consider his role and environment before falling in-line with a defense attorney who freed one of the nation's most noted killers: George Zimmerman. 

Don Lemon, CNN.. "The radio caller!"

CNN also located a friend of the Ferguson cop to testify as to the unlikelihood of his committing such an act. After we get past his initial remarks (Wilson factually committed the act) the interview is as inane asking Wilson about the shooting. The video point of interest starts at the 1:27 minute mark. Linked here. Many do not understand,  Wilson need not be a racist to perpetrate the execution killing of Mike Brown. He without question is an employee of a police department that totals 67 cops with only three black cops (two are women). If you can argue that demographic doesn't speak to policy and practice you will argue alone. I do not have time nor interest in arguing any paradigm that doesn't see the problems inherent in such demographics. Such a fruitless argument would rival arguing about the diversity of the 92% GOP. 

Let's end this piece here. We will monitor and report as items of interest come forth. 

Alas, Ferguson has a history of cop abuse against the innocent. 

'Excessive force': Henry Davis, 52, said in a lawsuit that he was arrested by Ferguson in September 2009 for no reason, severely beaten in lock-up and then charged with 'property damage' for bleeding on the uniforms of four officers

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