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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fox New Twitter Tree (Megyn Kelly Tip of the Tree)

Salon's 2013 Worse of Fox Winner!  Guess who is also among the top five worse?
Our news broadcast these days are filled with "hot stories". The news managers and producers who literally "run" newsrooms are fully responsible for news delivery to network viewers. Celebrity show host certainly have some degree of veto power over show content, but I am more accustomed that pre-broadcast tweaking via host.  

Apparently, Megyn Kelly took great exception to a her management team's decision to interrupt a segment (of Jim Foley's tragic killing) with "Breaking News" onsite clip flashes Ferguson Missouri. When a crowd burst into a run, most news producers will opt to view the causes of the collective crowd inertia. Well, Kelly, didn't feel any news related to Ferguson's civil strife (as aftermath of the Mike Brown killing) was important enough to interrupt her script of Foley's death. Kelly can be either criticized for her segment overrule via commenting on the secondary importance of Ferguson Missouri or praised for refusal to allow a broadcast interruption that was actually critical to most Americans.

Buzz Feed: Kelly "SNAPS" at broadcast interruption

“I realize something’s happening in Ferguson,” Kelly said. “But we’re talking about something important here, so can you at least split-screen the video?”
Fox News' Megyn Kelly Snaps When Ferguson Update Interrupts Segment On Slain American Journalist
Fox News / BuzzFeed

Fox News' Megyn Kelly Snaps When Ferguson Update Interrupts Segment On Slain American Journalist

I will leave the final judgment on this report to you, the reader.  Both issues are critical for news coverage.  All networks perform "Breaking News" segments. The reality of armed troops herding the Ferguson protesters and late night rabble-rousers aggravating and disrupting the peace, Fox producers were probably within the realm of an apropos interruption. 

We are talking Fox News. Think of the pure excitement from Kelly's viewers as she relegated the Ferguson "Breaking News" report to less and important enough for an interruption. Remember, Fox is all about entertainment. Wonder if the interruption was the perfect opportunity to garner a "hero" mark from Kelly's audience.
Sean Hannity

Why do non-conservative black people allow Sean Hannity to use them, or attempt to use them as a crowd beach ball to entertain his viewers? Hannity does not have one credible news bone in his being. His mission is to book guest for point-counter-point idiocy based on in emotion: He often ends his segments with yelling at his nonconformist guests. And, those interviews discussion are only a side bar from his normal hour filed lambasting of President Obama. Pay close attention to his conferred privilege linguistic nuance of, "Let me educate you."  If I am not mistaken, Hannity has little education background beyond high school and his show is noted for over-flowing levels of hyperbole, misrepresentation and outright lies.  Yet, he entertains his audience by educating his African-American guest. 
We really have to again visit with Megyn Kelly. Whenever, we do a Twitter Tree on Fox News, Kelly will certainly demand and relieve ore branches than other Fox propagandist.

More Megyn Kelly

Source: Ferguson officer beaten before shooting Brown

Fox News reports Ferguson officer was beaten. Megyn Kelly also introduces her segment with a guest that the preponderance of Fox News viewers find a conservative "super hero." 

It doesn't matter Mark Furhman, the OJ Simpson Trial celebrity, enacted his Fifth Amendment rights against incrimination for overt and opportunist use of the word "Nigger" during the course of his storied cop career. 
The excitement of seeing and hearing Furhman, must have rivaled this two minutes clipKelly demurs and charms with Furhman, but the difference in demeanor was over the top when her second guest voiced his points.  During the course of the interview words like "beaten" emerged.

Well, the reports of a facial fracture were flatout lies. CNN reports....

Ben Carson to the FOX News Camera!

You had to know Fox would trot-out Ben Carson as "color commentator"(non pun intended) on the civil unrest in Ferguson Missouri. As is always the case, Carson rambles through that ever-present conservative mantra of "Black on Black" crime. Crime is a matter of convenience and often a matter of proximity. How is it a phenomenon that black on black crime would out number black on white crime of for that matter white on black crime. Do you believe there is such a dynamic as "White on White" crime. Do you ever here about white on white crime?  Of course, you don't. 

Dr. Ben Carson provides insight into Ferguson chaos

If you skip through CNN this segment, you will find another noted BLACK conservative (they really have contempt for the vernacular "African-American") trot-out the GOP refrain/mantra.

The reality of the fallacy of conservative mantra regarding crime in the black community. Tim Wise

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